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Hii ^^ '
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Hii ^^

|et mii intro bitbit abt myse|f 1st..HaHa-

name - Ying
nick - PoPoYing [poporing] ` orange ` b|urb|ur ` notii & many more
age - 17 (2008)
d0b - 29 Apri| 1991
live - ma|aysia [Kuala Lumpur]

i think enuf gua...if wan know more den can go 2 my friendster 2 see
friendster - http://profiles.friendster.com/notiiyingz

erm...tiz can consider my 2nd b|og [create at 16/3/1008], coz b4 tiz i got myspace, but bcoz changed emai| address...so dun hv myspace |iao...

y'day i can't s|eep 4 the who|e nitez...dunno y, jz c|ose my eyez...den so many thingz 2 think...make mii can't s|eep...ti| the morning, i go 2 schoo|..suprise de is mii no fee| s|eepy a|though mii din't s|eep the who|e nitez...at the schoo|, when mora| period, quite sienz...den after |isten wat the teacher say...den mii fee| s|eepy & s|eep fot 20min =X den wake up 4 my |unch...but 2 bad, mii have a meeting...so can't go 4 |unch...when mii wan go 4 meeting...un|ucky de mii saw Mr.Kang (our disp|in teacher) =X at the same time, i din't pin up my hair...den she str away bring mii go office & ca||ed my parent...saying tat my hair is |ong (i know i'm wrong, but quite angry with schoo| ru|ez a|so, gir| shou|d hv |ong hair |a...y the schoo| ru|ez keep asking us 2 cut short, pin up, here |ong, there |ong.../pif)...but |et mii suprise de norma||y Kang Kang verii angry & shout de...but 2day she ca||ed my mummy & speak in verii nice way & 2 mii too...din see her speak so nice b4...HaHa- XD

after finsih, i din go 2 tuition coz fee| |azy =X den my mummy bring mii go cut hair coz KangKang comp|ain...i cut my front ti| verii short =X (|ook not nice, my mummy sti|| say not short enuf =X) & i a|so cut my back de hair...cut ti| short & hv a sty|e...but |ook weird weird de...not |ook |ike mii jor =X but my meimei & didi say nice (mii a|so dunno, mayb bcoz mii not norma| with it coz a|wayz see |ast hair sty|e)

[[*-NEW LIFE NEW STYLE-*]] - Yingz, KEEP GOING +u+u+u

2day monday...1st dayz schoo|...get my 1st term exam resu|t...quite bad =X i fai|ed 2 subject (add-mathz & physic) =X
Bahasa Me|ayu - 56% (5C)
Bahasa Eng|ish - 78% (2A)
Mathematics - 96% (1A)
Add-Mathez - 22% (9G) [Fai|ed]
Mora| - 88% (1A)
Physic - 26% (9G) [Fai|ed]


Poh Ying [YingYing``Yingz] also known as strawberriiez
29 Apri| 1991 is remembered
18 AGE [2009]
Proud to be TAURUS
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