dun rite c|ick, p|z =3

=X '
wrote on 2:47 PM``

tiz few dayz sick jor...sun cought ti| quite geng...so, daddy ask mii go see doctor after c|ass(mon)...but after c|ass, mii a|ready nth jor...jz bitbit cough...but daddy wan mii see doctor...so, jz go |o...den doctor say mii nth...jz cought & bitbti asthma...HaHa- if serious, go see him again coz nid breath the gas (ha|z- norma| |a =.=l|)...after back home, daddy ask mii eat medicine...so, eat |o...den OMG- |iao....eat jor medicine |ike more serious den b4 eat medicine (not cought more serious, is |ike more tired & no energy + no mood eat)...wat medicine is tat...the medicine got 1 new medicine (tat mii din see b4 & not mii norma||ii cougth & asthma eat de)...mayb tat medicine make mii |ike tat...so, mii y'day try dun wan eat the white medicine...jz eat other medicine...den 2day mii better jor...dun hv so tired & no energy & got bitbit mood eat...HaHa- sure the doctor dunno giv wrong medicine or giv more geng de medicine...ISH- wan pok him jor...
sick jor...2 dayz no went 2 schoo| jor...sure many hw do |iao...ha|z- on 1st sem, mii 1 day absent on|ii...a|most can't finish my hw =X now 2 dayz summore...HELP MII AR- hope dun hv so many hw 2 do XD (summore got project =X)

wa- 2day wed, tranformer out |u...HaHa- mii wan watch |a...p|anned 2 watch tiz sat de...but dunno can get ticket onot =X coz so many pp| wan watch & summore is 1st week & on sat =X & hor...mii wan in GSC website check check time de...but the website a|so verii bz & |ike kena boom by pp|...HaHa- coz too many pp| in the website jor...thought if can, book ticket de...but website can't in =X so bad |a...now jz wait ti| sat see can get ticket onot |o (sound |ike can't get...HaHa-) hope sat can watch it...HaHa-

tiz sat, carmen back from NZ a|so...HaHa- quite |ong no see carmen jor...HaHa-
carmen, wat time u back o? waiting u back XD but got 1 bad newz =X mii 4 ju|y wan go china jor...but jz 1 week on|ii...so, after back from china on|ii teman u, can? (b4 go china, got few dayz...a|so can teman u de...HaHa-) so||ii o...

wrote on 9:27 PM``
hate my daddy |a...HE CHI SIN DE...

jz now mii jz wake up (wake up at 6 sumthingz nitez)...so, mii asked my daddy got other internet wire onot...coz my |aptop de internet wire got prob, can't connect since mii back from co||ege on afternoon...den mii dunno wat happen 2 him...he |ike bad mood or wat...he say no rosak |a is |oose..den he checked no |oose & wire rosak...den mii say is rosak, mii checked |iao...den he start 2 scod |iao...say rosak rosak |a...wat can't i do? not mii open wire shop a|so...how got wire? mii jz asking u got other wire onot mah...no say u must giv mii the wire...HE CHI SIN DE...den sti|| say not yet scod mii...on comp, on |aptop, at room se|f p|ay...sis & bro at |iving room...den say mii inside on air-con...keep at inside room p|ay...
WTH- afternoon so hot & mii wan s|eep, sure on air-con |a...mii not a|wayz on a|so...jz 2day mii on...y u dun sco|d bro & sis on air-con at nitez in |iving room? nitez hot ar?? is moon hot? te|| mii, if yes & the comp, say mii a|wayz on |aptop & comp...mii where got a|wayz on? when comp no rosak, mii jz on |aptop at nitez & sumtimez afternoon...den now comp rosak, mii onii keep on |aptop...& the comp, hu u think make it rosak de?? ur |itt|e "GUAI ZAI" |a...se|f comp rosak...come touch my comp...den now rosak jor..said ti| |ike mii make rosak...he touch my comp mii a|so not yet sco|d him 9 9 + he d| ti| make my comp kena virus...u sti|| dunno wat ur "GUAI ZAI" d|...come sco|d mii pu|a...he now no comp p|ay onii guaiguai sit & watch tv...verii guai meh? got comp p|ay, see where is him?? & ask him wat he had d| ti| rosak my comp |a...sco|d without know the fact & wat happening...ask u got internet wire onot on|ii, den kena sco|d ti| |ike mii open a|| comp & mii se|f make rosak...se|f mood not gd, go hide in room s|eep |a...dun come out fire everii1 without knowing anythingz...ISH-

ISH- WTH- write tiz post ti| 4got mii bo|iing water 2 cook maggiie mee...ti| no water & pot hangus jor =.=l|

HW '
wrote on 11:23 AM``

2day friday, can say weekend 4 mii...coz mon-thur got c|ass...friday-sun no c|ass...HaHa- 2day mii think wat mii wan do...think ti| HW..mii |ike OMG- so many hw |a =X
|et mii |ist down-

Nadira [HistoryOfArt] - find info abt the 3 art (4got wat name XD)
Winfred [I||utration] - figure sketching, draw cone, cy|inder, cube in poster co|our, 10x10 nandos idea
Pou|ine [Visua|Communication] - sketch 50 10x10 abt point
Ken [ComputerGraphicDesign] - create 3 |ogo
Nadira [Typography] - make 3 word (happiie, sad, angry) using any materia|(|ike candy, cotton, cookiiez & etcetc) & make it can fee| happiie, sad, angry

ha|z...so many |a...Ms.Pou|ine & Mr.Winfred say tiz is jz the begining...mean |ater got more hw? OMG- going 2 die |iao T_____T mii dun |ike do hw |a...giv mii so many hw pu|a =X

ha|z '
wrote on 11:14 AM``

2day hv typography de c|ass...|ecturer asked us 2 create a|phabet (got theme de)...create A (theme is fashion)...T (theme is cu|ture)...E (theme is foodz)...create the a|phabet by using or base on the theme...den mii create ti| haf haf no idea jor...HaHa- den see frenz de..a|| quite same saja...HaHa- den when go out present...|ecturer say mii not enuf idea & nid see more western de thingz or sty|e...HaHa- den she say my work in Winfred c|ass de more better den her c|ass...mii |ike swtswt jor...coz mii not verii |ike Winfred de c|ass, how can be mii do Winfred de work better den her work o...HaHa- mayb coz no idea...so, she think my work not gd gua...HaHa- coz Winfred c|ass no nid idea, jz see & draw...HaHa-

wrote on 10:56 AM``

2day mii so baka...HaHa- coz 2day hv i||ustration c|ass on 12pm...den mii benben + b|urb|ur thought the c|ass is on 8am XD mii wake up on 6.30am (sooo ear|y)...den when reached there around 7.45am & sms-ed Ann on|ii know the c|ass at 12pm...at 1st, mii |ike b|urb|ur thought changed time?? or wat??...den Ann to|d mii tat timetab|e wrote 12pm...den mii |ike swtswt jor...HaHa- den kena daddy say bitbit |o...coz morning traffic jam de mah...reached there say no c|ass nid go back XD den 12pm nid go co||ege again...HaHa- 12pm reached co||ege no wrong |iao...HaHa- b|ek- =P

den at i||ustration c|ass, we |earn how 2 draw ourz o|d fren(app|e)...HaHa- coz a|wayz start draw app|e 1st de XD use water co|our 2 draw the app|e...mii draw quite nice o...HaHa- but Winfred verii min keong de face say ok on|ii...HaHa- next c|ass get back my app|e...mii up|oad the picz here...HaHa-


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