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Exam & Break '
wrote on 4:46 PM``
erm, actua||ii wan say abt my |ast sem exam & sem break...but i'm soooooooo bz & |aziiiiiii 2 write it...HaHa-

k |a, start with my exam =X
rea||ii a rushing exam ><
a|| we thought is the exam is on May...but it'z wrong, the exam is on end of the April =X so, a|| we can do is rushing it 2 summit on time (a|thought a |ot 2 do...but no choice =X)
keep rushing rushing rushing & end up with sux work ><
but it'z not too bad a|so XD coz mii din fai| any subject XD

the resu|ts :
Packaging - B-
Photography - B
Advertising - A
Typography - dunno
Pendidikan Moral - A

wondering y my typo de resu|t = dunno? coz mii rea||ii dunno the resu|t...at 1st my resu|t is B...but after tat my |ecturer come 2 see mii & te|| mii tat he counted wrong|y...he 4got 2 minus 40% from my tota| mark : ) HaHa- wondering y |ecturer nid minus 40% of it? coz mii so ca||ed "LATE" pass up...but in fact, mii done a|| my work on time...so, y? coz sumthingz happen & mii can't go in the presentation (asked by |ecturer)...den |ecturer de|ay our group presentation date...so, |ecturer asked mii 2 fo||ow de|ay it...but in the end? wat out? in the end nth come out & wasted my de|ay time, wasted my 1 week ho|iday & my markz gone |ike tat (B going down ti| mayb C?) HaHa- verii funniie, rite? mii done a|| my work on time...but bcoz sumthingz, |ecturer ask mii fo||ow them dun go in presentation 2 wait the group work done...but in the end, group work done nth & mii deserved 2 minus 40% : )

p/s- if mii know without the group work mii can get B...den wat 4 mii nid 2 de|ay the time & minus my 40% 2 become C or fai|ed? ha|z- yayaya, wat a|so IF IF IF...if tiz wor|d got "IF" den no1 wi|| done wrong thingz : ) nvm, EVERII1 SHOULD TAKE THE CONSQUENCCE OF WAT U HV DONE (i choosed 2 fo||ow |ecturer said not 2 go in the presentation, den i shou|d take the consequence tat minus 40%): )

OK |e...done with |ast sem exam |e...now go 4 SEM BREAK (2 week) =D
everii1 heard sem break = ho|iday, rite? shou|d be verii happiie XD
but mii not ><
coz mii working >< din get any nice rest in sem break...wan format |aptop a|so can't (coz working nid use |aptop) T____T but nvm...EVERII1 NID SACRIFICE SUMTHINGZ 2 GET OTHER THINGZ (mii sacrifice my sem break & get $$) HaHa- actua||ii not bad a|so...mii can buy many thingz & no nid keep ask parent...HaHa-
erm, erm, erm, mii think finish saying my sem break jor gua? 2 week work, nth much 2 say a|so XD

eii, got...my working p|ace XD my working verii funniie de XD my boss verii funniie de, he keep ask mii dun scare & keep warn (not rea||ii warn |a, jz |ike say say on|ii) 2 his workers not 2 scare mii & make mii quit...HaHa- the worker not bad a|so de...a|so funniie de...they keep eat & joke around de...HaHa- sumtimez a|| joke ti| mii keep |aughing & din work...HaHa- but sumtimez a|so sienz sienz |a when everii1 do thier work XD & a|so when the boss angry ><
but overa|| working there not bad a|so...quite fun XD but sumtimez many work & sum work mii din do b4 ><

p/s- 三個字 SanGeZi - 凌加峻 LingJiaJun nice song XD

The Garden Cafe @ 1U '
wrote on 2:02 PM``

The Garden Cafe @ 1U

5 March 2010

HaHa- when mii wrote the date...mii a|so fee| so |ong ago XD
but nvm |a...ok 2 up|oad de, rite? XD

erm, at 1st we jz wanna find sumthingz 2 eat coz HUNGRYYYYYYYY =X
den we found tiz p|ace tat quite same as Fu|| House (themed restaurant) =D we a|wayz pass by but din go in & eat XD
so, now? wait wat o? JZ GO IN =D


The Garden Cafe


f|ower =D

bibi de Fish? XD

dardar de Pineapple Fried Rice XD



dardar kawaii =D

wrote on 11:54 AM``
HUH? tiz is my b|og? HaHa-
so |ong din come my b|og & mii rea||ii a|most 4got u XD

MP b|og: huh? u 4gotten mii?
Ying: erm, not rea||ii XD
MP b|og: but ur wordz & ur expression said u 4gotten mii T_____T
Ying: NOP! if 4gotten u...i won't come here |iao, if 4gotten u, how am i can type the |ink & come?
MP b|og: ya hor...HaHa- mii missunderstand XD
Ying: apa |a u...so easy emo 1
MP b|og: wat emo? mii norma|, k? u 4gotten mii, sure emo |o...u try mii 4get u...i think u can die =P
Ying: mii won't...mii verii keras de...not |ike u...b|uek- =P
MP b|og: wat? u KID, got how keras?!
Ying: wat kid kid kid? mii 19, k? TEEN! I'M TEEN!!!
MP b|og: KID!!! U KID!!!
Ying: KK! u know wat kid a|wayz say? they |ike 2 say "dun wan frenz with u"...
I'm KID now...so, mii wan say "DUN WAN FRENZ WITH U JOR" mii wan off tiz website |iao...HMPH-

p/s- z|o|, mii |ook so STUPIDDDDDDD!!!! XD


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