dun rite c|ick, p|z =3

=) '
wrote on 4:25 AM``
suddne|y fee| verii |one|y :)
dun |ike the fee|ing :)

Carmen going New Zea|and '
wrote on 1:18 AM``

2day is carmen'z |ast day or |ast 2 day...coz she is going 2 New Zea|and on 22/1 [9.30pm]...2day mii din go MV with her...den jz at evening went 4 dinner & go fo||ow carmen drive drive...HaHa- we fetch HueyMiin back, den fetch XianHor go KTM, den fetch SuYin back...den we went 2 LipHarn house coz he say can go & go swiming...HaHa- he a|wayz asked carmen go swiming in his house but we din bring & p|an 2 swim a|so...HaHa- jz wanna go kacua him XD den we ask LipHarn went out 2gether...we go meet KienHao, ChaiKar, KungZhet, FooSang...den mii, LipHarn & his dunno hu (mayb cousin...HaHa-) had our dinner...den LipHarn & his dunno hu go find his frenz...den mii, carmen, ChaiKar, KeinHao, KungZhet went 2 KienHao'z house...we jz wanna make sum verii funniie de video...we |aughed & hv fun on it...but jz on|ii can enjoy on begining (ready or set sumthingz)...den when wanna start record, my mummy came jor =X so can't enjoy 2 see them record & how they act...HaHa- but jz a whi|e moment, quite fun a|so...HaHa-

den after back home...mii on the comp & chat bitbit...den when wanna s|eep & off my comp...den mii open the |etter tat carmen gave mii...after mii read tat...mii |ike verii sad & cry jz bitbit...can't s|eep jor =X rea||ii gonna miss her...mii can't s|eep & den mii wake up & wanna write sumthingz 2 carmen...but mii verii hard 2 write...so mii on back comp & type it...HaHa- coz mii fee| |ike typing more easy 2 say wat i wanna say...coz mii fee| better on typing den writing it XD den wanna print the |etter...but a|| s|eeping & the printer at outside..so mii p|anned 2 print it tmr...den mii chat chat with kwan...den went 2 bed...but quite |ong on|ii s|ept =X


at morning, mii wake up & teman my unc|e go hospita| 2 take out dunno wat on his |eg (b4 tat injured put inside de 2 support his |eg)...den mii go there around 12pm...den wait ti| 2pm...coz the doctor are hving |unch...den after around 2 sumthingz, the doctor back & see my unc|e...den wait ti| around 3 sumthingz...den my unc|e out...den we went 2 take the medicine..den went 2 eat...den around 5pm mii back home...den mii on comp...den sudden|y carmen send sumthingz 2 mii by sms...mii again fee| so sad =X rea||ii dun wan carmen 2 |eft =X den around 5 sumthingz my daddy back...den mii went 2 bath & went 2 LM 2 meet KahWai...coz he fetch mii go 2 the airport...den in den car mii on|ii rmb abt carmen'z |etter...mii not yet print =X so dunno wanna how giv carmen...mayb when she got her internet...den mii wi|| send 2 her by msn =X so||ii carmen...den KahWai go fetch LieChin at Ampang...OMG- traffic jam at ampang...WE ARE LATE =X after ampang...we nid go Bukit Ja|i| fetch YiauWei...den KahWai wanna go 2 his gf hosue 2 giv her sumthingz...at |ast din went 2 his gf house coz we r |ate 2 airport...mii rea||ii scare tat carmen go in...coz KahWai they a|| are giving carmen a suprise by saying tat they din go 2 the airport...den around 7.40pm...we picked up YiauWei at Bukit Ja|i|...den we rush 2 airport...KahWai keep speed up 2 drive fast 2 airport...he |ike using 140 - 160 speed =X TAT WAS SO FAST =X bitbit scare...but ok de...HaHa- quite fun...we in car say sum fun thingz...HaHa- so around 8.10 we reach there...used 30min 2 reach 2 airport...er, it was FAST...norma| go airport is 1 hour XD den we fast fast parking & went up 2 find carmen at McD...we wa|ked so fast...coz scare tat we are |ate 2 ta|k with carmen...den at |ast we make it...HaHa- carmen not yet in...we went 2 meet carmen...den carmen was so shocked & cry...den LieChin a|so start crying jor =X mii & JiaEn din cry coz tat we promised in car ear|iier tat we won't cry...coz wi|| make carmen more sad tat she go 2 NZ...den we take sum picz around there...den around 9pm, carmen wanna go in |iao...den carmen again start crying & LieChin cry bitbit a|so...tat'z quite sad =X carmen next year on|ii back...a|most 1 year...rea||ii gonna miss her...den she is the 1 hu a|wayz p|anned sumthingz & hv fun with her =X mii know carmen are jz go 2 study...& tat is verii norma| thingz...we shou|d happiie tat she go oversea study...but when ur frenz wanna go...rea||ii fee| sad & miss her...summore is best frenz tat a|wayz enjoy & hv fun 2gether T_____T

must come back end of the year, when u hving ho|iday =X

den we went 2 eat near KahWai'z gf house...coz KahWai can't find her at her house...so we went 2 1st station 2 eat 1st...den JiaEn den parent, sis & bro keep ca||ing her...coz she was |ate...she to|d her daddy tat she wi|| back b4 10...but the time a|ready 10 sumthingz...JiaEn was so scared..coz her daddy was angry & they a|| keep ca||ing her...she can't pick up coz the p|ace were 2 noisy...den we fast fast eat finish...den we bi|| & get into car...den JiaEn ca|| back 2 her daddy & to|d him tat she was |ate & wi|| back in 15min...but her daddy c|ose her phone =X tat can show how angry her daddy...den we 5 5 send JiaEn home...den send YiauWei & LieChin...coz my parent sti|| chatting with frenz in dinner...so mii is the |ast 1...den KahWai teman mii wait my daddy...den around 12.20am daddy came & fetch mii at LM...den home sweet home...

THX ^^ KahWai...
so||ii JiaEn...coz we go eat & so |ate send u home =X

|ook out point '
wrote on 10:58 PM``

2day mii went to find the p|ace ca||ed |ook out point...the p|ace tat kay to|d mii b4 & suggested 2 hv farewe|| dinner 4 carmen...my parent hear many pp| say abt tat p|ace...but fai|ed 2 find it...HaHa- now they hv found it...& they p|anned to bring their frenz 2 eat theere & see the view...they keep say sat bring them here...& they wanna bring so many diff frenz...mii wonder nid how many sat 2 make sure a|| their frenz had visited there...HaHa-

we hv ourz dinner there...den after the dinner...we sit 4 whi|e & chat chat...HaHa- den daddy say my bro din come wasted...coz the view quite nice & eat western foodz (my bro |ike it)...den daddy ca|| my bro & to|d him tat the p|ace verii nice & we eat western foodz, so niceeeee...HaHa- sengaja make my bro jea|ous & regret not fo||wing us...HaHa- den my bro jz answer a word "so?" den my daddy diam diam & nth 2 say...HaHa- den when we went back...my bro say next time bring him go...HaHa- so funniie =P

the view there quite nice...but mii din bring camera =X so jz use hp take 1 or 2 picz =X
but mii sti|| |ike the view from genting temp|e...tat 1 more nice...|ike |ayer de...HaHa-

|ook out point

the view =D

yam cha '
wrote on 10:39 PM``

2day nid wake up so ear|y 2 teman g.mum & unc|e go see doctor =X summore y'day mii so |ate s|eep...sooooo s|eepiie =X g.mum finish see doctor...but my unc|e not yet...coz he wa|k in de...so nid ask doctor wanna see him onot...den nid wait verii |ong...|uckii mummy come fetch mii & g.mum back home sin...HaHa- if not...sure sienz sei at there =X

den mii fo||ow mummy go KL coz wan go yam cha with carmen...we meet at ourz schoo|...HaHa- when we go in, sum student see us |ike weirdo...summore when finish schoo|, many student...a|| |ike seeing us & wonder hu r we =.=l| den we ta|k with sum teacher...we a|so know many nice & gd de teacher |eave schoo| jor T___T but a|so gd de...tat schoo| so bad...WaKaKaKa-

den we sit carmen'z mummy car go LM de starbucks yam cha & chat chat XD seeing carmen bringing |aptop go there p|ay...so song...make mii a|so wan |aptop |iao...HaHa- mii go te|| daddy...daddy say he wi|| buy 4 mii & ask mii find...HaHa- sooooo gddddd =P
after starbucks, we go find ke|vin at his working p|ace...den carmen borrow around 15 comicz...make ke|vin de acc break record & ke|vin can't read comic 4 tat day |iao...HaHa- so kesian XD
den we go wong kok eat...coz mii & carmen a|so hungry |iao...HaHa- but shi |in can't eat...coz he cannot eat outside foodz...so cham XD & shi |in de face a|so |ook |ike verii scare...coz he din te|| his parent tat he come out yam cha...HaHa- his parent jz know he study ti| 4pm but the time a|ready nitez (dunno wat time XD but is over 4pm |iao)...HaHa-

den mii back...back home verii tired jor...summore s|eepiie...den open comp see see...den s|eep |iao...HaHa- s|eep ti| morning around afternoon...HaHa- so geng =P

so||ii T___T '
wrote on 9:39 PM``
so||ii heng, kwan, sou|...mii messed up urz chance 2 win the event...rea||ii so||ii...u a|| shou|dn't depend on stupid pp| |ike mii...if not, heng shou|d hv win the 1st prize...so||ii...u p|anned & used so much 2 win the prize & mii messed up with my b|ur-ness & stupid-ness...so||ii

mii rea||ii dunno how 2 4giv myse|f, coz after the event, mii on|iii rea|ise tat mii had sum of the item, & we dun hv 2 hunt so bad|y 4 it...& how stupid r mii coz din check in the chat & say a|| in pub|ic chat tat a|most make kwan into troub|e...so||ii..rea||ii so||ii T_T

here the story...
at 1st mii p|anned 2 join if they r not joining..den after tat mii saw them on9...so mii off...after tat mii verii 8 & wanna know wat the item needed...den whne mii know...the item quite easy 2 get & mii hv sum of them...so mii join the event with heng (kwan asked)...den mii verii |uan coz most of the item is in my other char(s.nov)...so mii keep change 2 tat char & see the item 1 by 1...den heng & sou| a|so dea| mii 2 giv mii the item...mii |ike verii |uan coz nid fast...den sum item |ess...den mii te|| heng & heng hunted it...den at 1st tat mii din see proper|y the storage tat mii got enuf of 1 item...so heng no nid hunt but my mistake make heng hunted it & wasted the time...den when heng hunting...1st prize a|ready giving 2 sum1 tat found a|| the item..den when mii finish hunted & wanna get the 2nd...den mii see wrong & |ess 1 item..den mii cance| the dea| & te|| heng, den heng hunt it...tiz make mii |ost the 2nd prize...den mii get the 3rd prize...den when mii dea|ing, mii on|ii know tat mii actua||y hv enuf item when at the 1st dea| 2 get 2nd prize (coz after dea|, mii got extra tat item)...so mii |ose & make heng a|so |ose =X he hunted so hard & used so many thingz 2 hunt & |et mii win...

den the 2nd event...mii a|most accident|y make the GM into troub|e [secret, wanna know, den ask mii]

at the end (after the hide & seek)...heng say "|ose 2 |oki"...den mii on|ii know tat heng rea||ii wanna 2 win in both event...but mii make him |ose in both event...rea||ii so||ii 4 tat =( rea||ii my mistake tat make u |ose 2 |oki...so||ii- so||ii- so||ii- T___T
mii so ben dan & so use|ess...bitbit thingz a|so can messed up |iao tat...jz a bitbit thingz can make myse|f so |uan & make other a|so |ose T___T

8 Jan 2009 '
wrote on 4:49 PM``
ear|y of the day, mean midnitez (coz 12 is = 8/1)...mii chat with kwan in rro ti| around 2am or 3am...i'm thinking 2 s|eep ear|y tiz dayz...but fai|ed a|so...HaHa- a|wayz ear|y off, but at bed can't s|eep =X
mii so excited with a new comic tat mii din read & hear b4 tat mii bought when shopping a|one coz frenz had went back...it sound so interesting...den when mii start 2 read, den on||ii know tat is a |ove story comic =.=l| mii norma||y not verii |ike it coz din read b4..den a|wayz say my sis tat keep rent a|| those |ove comic...can't she read sum nice comic...but now myse|f buy it & read it XD tat comic quite nice...make mii |ike in |ove with sum |ove story comic...HaHa- mii spent the who|e midnitez 2 read the who|e comic...after finish read, tat was 5 sumthingz morning...

den mii jz fee| sumthingz tat keep on my heart & mind quite |ong & verii confuse abt it...den fina||y mii wrote it down in a paper...when writing down, rea||ii dun |ike the fee|ing...HaHa- after tat...mii went 2 bed...but sti|| can't s|eep =X wondering mii din s|eep the who|e nitez...y now sti|| can't s|eep...den many thingz came in 2 my mind...den s|ow|y mii fa|| as|eep & wake up at 12 sumthingz [din s|eep we|| =X]

in the morning...as usua| mii on my comp...den mii nth do & go rro...den kwan on9 & we chat chat...say ti| tat mii dun |ike my sis coz many thingz...den kwan when 2 s|eep...den mii opened manga page & see any nice manga 2 read...coz it verii sienz...den mii found 1...quite nice...HaHa- tat make mii wanna buy tat comic & keep XD but dunno where 2 buy it =X mii din see tat comic b4 a|so =X
at the evening...my bro, sis & mummy back home..& mii go eat my foodz & sudden|y think morning de thingz...did mii rea||ii so hate my sis?? mii so hate her...y sumthingz so gd & p|ay with her?? =.=l| sound so weird =X
mii does enjoy hving pi||ow ta|k with my bro & sis coz on|ii my bro & sis wi|| hear mii & they dunno my frenz..so mii can ta|k wateve 2 them...HaHa- other reason a|so mii dunno wna find hu ta|k abt it XD hving pi||ow ta|k |ike tat can show we din hate each other...den y mii sound so hate my sis?? =.= mii rea||ii hving prob |a =.=l|

Dec & Jan(early jan) blog =D '
wrote on 3:13 PM``

2day is the great day 4 all SPM student..coz SPM IS OVER =D but mii finish my SPM ear|ier |iao XD 2day is last paper 4 dunno ekonomi or perdagangan...my frenz hving the exam...not taking tat subject nid go back 2 school, coz nid take leaving certificate & testimonial (i'm of it..HaHa-)...mii go early coz wan waiting my frenz 2 come out & go shopping XD mii is so luckii coz go earlier...those hu came late nid wear uniform 2 take tat leaving certificate & testi coz 1 of the teacher came & told the office dun let student tat din wear uniform 2 get leaveing certificate & testi...SO BAD =X den those hu came late de borrow uniform from K class, coz they 2day got exam...so funny, all uniform size not ngam de...but also nid wear..HaHa-
after tat, mii, Carmen, HueyMiin, JiaEn, LieChin go 2 shopping =D so funnnnnnnnnnn...mii bought liao sum clothz...verii nice de o =P
den after the shopping...at nitez...we go 2 KienHao'z house 4 BBQ...zlol..so funny...we dunno 2 make fire & we put so many "fon chong" (dunno spell XD)...make the fire so big...HaHa- & ourz chickenz & hotdogz all burn..HaHa- inside not cook yet & outside black black liao...HaHa- den after tat the fire become better & we put the lamb, beef & burger de meat...tiz 3 thingz r the most nice...coz din burn XD
after mii ate..we drink sum alcohol & take picz...HaHa- den got sum guyz so notii...at outside play fire & foodz tat we dun wan =.=ll GUYZ, R U GOING 2 BURN THE HOUSE?? pity KienHao de house..HaHa-

at school =D




Genting Tripz

on 7, 8, 9 dec...we go 2 genting...TAT WAS SO FUNNNNN although got sum bitbit unhappiie de thingz..
on the 1st day...my daddy fetch mii, JiaEn, HueyMiin, ShuYing, CheeYeen...we reach there earlier den Carmen coz she nid go education fair & wait Kelvin =.=ll
we eat sumthingz at Old Town...den we go check in ourz hotel...got a funny thingz...dunno HonHoong or hu, he bell wrong room & tat is LieChin'z sis room...LieChin'z sis frenz all saw him...den we all laugh at him..HaHa-
at nitez...mii, JiaEn, Kenneth, Kelvin, Sher-lok play cardz in 1 room & sum otherz play wi (dunno izzit called wi) in next room...we play "wu gui"..hu lose de nid drink 1 bottle of water in time (dunno how much jor XD)...if cant drink finish, den nid 2 kiss the tv...HaHa- so lame =P 1st is Sher-lok lose...lose 2 drink water...so he kissed the tv...HaHa- den 2nd is Kenneth...3rd is mii T___T we 2 also nid 2 kiss tv XD den JiaEn say dun waste the water...coz nid 2 otherz dayz...so we say hu lose de go down (cold weather...reallii verii cold de) stand for 5 min...den Kelvin lose liao & stand for 5min (dunno got 5min onot, or more den 5min...tat Kenneth also no count de)...den we din go back room...we go walk walk & go "ta kei"...we go play b.ball...HaHa- den walk til haf way, we saw KahWai & Sher-lok...den Carmen, HueyMiin, CheeYeen (not so sure got hu XD)...they go eat PizzaHut..din call us de T___T Carmen she got ask LieChin ask us...but LieCHin din ask =X

2nd dayz...we din go play outdoor, coz weather not gd =X den we go play bowling & pool...now mii know bitbit how 2 play pool lu..HaHa- coz KahWai teach us...HaHa- Danyal & KahWai play pool so geng =X
after tat, mii, LieChin, SzeHui, HueyMiin, YunMin, KahWai, Danyal go eat lunch...den we go back hotel saw all the girlz hving girlz talk...HaHa- den we join...we talk til haf..HonHoong knock the door & come in take thingz..den put a HP inside ourz room...wanna listen wat we talk...so bad..den we know & giv the HP back...den 2nd time again...we saw it & sengaja take the HP & put in center...den talk bad abt all the guyz in next room...HaHa- they reallii bliv tat we r talking tat...den we go next door, |augh & say "can't u all imagine y the voice so clear & say HonHoong bendan" XD...HaHa- so funny =P opz...1 more...when we talking bad abt guyz...dunno hu say tat Kelvin told her tat Kenneth like ShuYing...HaHa- secret bocor jor lu...HaHa- XD
den at nitez...we go dinner..got sum unhappiie thingz happen =X but after tat also ok liao..we at outside take photo & play...sooo colddd...they still play there..summore ShuYing din wear jacket & say not cold =.=ll

den at the nitez or midnitez...we all go 2 a temple by Kenneth de myvi..HaHa- Kenneth nid 2 fetch twice 2 let all of us there...HaHa- den we pray, see sumthingz...den take photo...the most memoriiab|e de is the view at the top of the temple...IT IS SO NICE..mii reallii like tat view....love it so much XD den after we back from the temple...all of us start chating...sum of them slept liao...mii can't tahan..den sit a side & man man fall asleep XD

den 3rd dayz...we go 4 the horror house =X most scare de thingz in genting trip =X mii so scare...not yet in the horror already scare...den end up with crying =X summore Danyal & Harry keep shout...make mii more scare =X mii go in din see anythingz & come out XD
den they play pool 4 while...den we back lu...my daddy fetch us go eat...den so ngam carmen de daddy at fetch them go there eat...same restorant...HaHa-
den come back home XD genting de journey end up with fun XD & mii sick jor =.=ll

YingYing ` MiinMiin ` ChinChin

KahWai ` HueyMiin ` Mii ` Danyal

after the horror house =X

Doremon XD

@@ wat happen 2 HonHoong??






HaHa- 2day go neway sing k...den go eat lok lok...so nice =P 2day Carmen drive...at loklok there...Carmen wan out parking...den verii hard 2 out...den we so luan...HaHa- but finally also out the park XD den Carmen fetch JiaEn back...den Kelvin...den put mii in LM coz my daddy come fetch..den mii teach Carmen how out 2 from LM...den she drive over liao..den daddy ask her U turn back..there load verii small & sum car horn her...den she hit otherz car tat parking there..den she scared & daddy ask her 2 follow him out..den when she back..she realise tat her car quite "fa" also =X den she bitbit scare =X



Xmas Eve XD mii, Carmen, JiaEn, LieChin, Kelvin, Harry, Terrence & his gf go 1u...we go eat..den go walk walk...thought 1u got celebratez...but dun hv de...quite sienz there =X but also quite fun...we take sum photo..den when Carmen went back..she sms us..den we (except mii T___T coz my HP no credit jor) all reply her with the same msg...HaHa-



NewYear Eve =X 2day so sad T___T all go celebratez 4 NewYear...but mii no celebratez...actually can go The Curve with my frenz de...but no ppl fetch mii go LM...so KahWai can't fetch mii...den can't go =X den at nitez sum1 say teman mii...den play til no teman...sms yuan lai yuan slow til no reply /pif den become other sms with mii /pif
so lonely de New Year Eve =X



2day mii start 2 work at MV as sell popiah de...the Sister Crispy Popiah stall...nid keep stand de...start from 9.30am til 10pm (except 4 eating)...so san fu...stand til my leg also pain =X summore mii 1/1 go shopping with my family...den 2/1 nid stand...den tahan bitbit...den 3/1 work also...still tahan...den 4/1 my frenz Jeniffer take MC..den got 1 kakak off tat day...den 3 of us...can't rest also =X jz when go eat rest onlii...keep stand stand stand de...my leg like wanna die liao..den mii ask parent mii dun wan work jor...den daddy see mii so san fu also say dun work there & say jan dun work...feb onllii start work...HaHa- den mii sms & call the boss & say mii dun wan work jor...HaHa- can dun wan work...mii super happiie...no nid stand til leg pain liao XD



2day is kwan de b'day...HaHa- mii wished him at early 5/1 [12am]...HaHa- kwan, got gam duo mah?? mii din 4got ur b'day?? WaKaKaKa- actually is u b'day easy 2 rmb..coz 5/1, everii start school de date...HaHa-


no work...2day is the day everii1 start school...mii alone at home coz bro & sis school..daddy & mummy go work =X so sienz...mii wake up jor also dun wan go wash face...jz lying on the bed...coz mii think wake up do wat...nth do...so lying on bed sin...den around 12 or 1 go wash face & on comp...so sienz =X

2day mii nth do & see Carmen'z blog =X she write tat she hurt coz mii say din farewell 4 her...but mii not mean tat...b4 tat mii ask her when she go NZ..coz mii wan make a farewell pt or go airport...din she ask mii make farewell 4 her...den mii say dun wan make & say til not going 2 make..coz wan giv her surprise...but hurted her T_____T


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