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2day mii no go schoo| o, coz 2day many pp| go stadium...& my c|ass a|| go 2 stadium |eave mii 1 pp| on|ii...mii dun wan a|one in c|ass, so dun go 2 schoo| is the best...HaHa-

saturday, mii go schoo| 4 the monitor thingz, can say in meeting |a...but jz go there & p|ay...HaHa- at the morning, we |isten wat teacher say (quite sienz)...den after tat, we changed sport attire & go 2 the audi 2 hv sum gamez...rea|ii verii fun...HaHa- after p|aying 2 gamez..we hv bkb (got 20 pp|, 10 vs 10...many rite?? HaHa-) den i ask teacher, we can choose ourz team member, rite??(coz we form5 wan 2gether 2 form a team)...den the teacher say can...den he say, divide into 2 team...1 team is Poh Ying (mii XD)...2nd is Shi Lin...the teacher sengaja separate us, coz mii & shi lin is form5...mii, shi lin, meng hu, chun kit, & sum not form 5 |ike saik hoe, jia ying wan same team...den the teacher know & sengaja separate us T___T but the bkb a|so verii fun & funny...HaHa- when we p|aying, the 2 teacher sit there chatting...we p|ay ti| verii |ong & tired jor, the teacher sti|| no say stop & keep chatting =.=l| p|aying ti| my |eg a|so verii tired jor =X den MengHu can't tahan & say "STOP, stop 4 whi|e" HaHa- den after stop, we no p|ay jor..den mii & shi lin go buy KFC 4 them...den we eat & |isten teacher say sumthingz, den END |uuuu- HaHa- VERII FUN & TIRED

den after schoo|...my daddy & mummy fetch mii go eat, den go see my anutiie...my auntiie die jor at friday....see ti| 4 sumthingz, go fetch my meimei & back home bath...den go eat & go back there 2 he|p & see...mii, didi, my 3 cousin overnight there...there so co|d & mii 4got bring jacket =X no s|eep we|| a|so =X so, verii tired (+ y'day p|ay at schoo|)...after a|| over...den mii go back & s|eep, super tired...den wake up eat & watch movie ti| verii |ate XD so no see comp & rep|y msn den terus go s|eep XD


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