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2day get my akaun, sej & chemistry paper...verii sad...markz not verii gd..but happy a|so...mii tempak sum question at akaun & chemistry...i get correct 4 tat...HaHa-
Perakaunan - 64% (4B) [1 more mark..den 3B T___T]
Sejarah - 63% (4B) [2more mark...den 3B a|so =X]
Chemistry - not sure, i think is pass...can't count, teacher not yet giv the hw markz XD

2day saw my frenz, carmenmen cry =X she get verii bad in her BM paper...fai|ed jor with verii |ow markz...rea|ii so|ii, thought wan ask how is her resu|t...but make her cry =X rea||ii dunno u fai|ed ur BM..SORY- =X but nvm |o..going New Zea|and, i think BM not so important gua..next time do better +u +u +u..dun care abt tat Nabun(BM teacher)..she chi sin de...markz paper ti| so str...here minus, there minus =X

wa- 2day tuition add-mathz...|ast c|ass din go, so 2day mii go on time (a|wayz |ate de =X)...so proub of tat, coz no |ate..but 2 bad de is teacher say 2day start at 4.45pm (ear|y 15min)...he say in |ast c|ass (mii no go)...so at the end, mii consider |ate a|so =X

keep |isten wat teacher ta|k & try my hard 2 understand the add-mathz...but fai|ed, see teacher do, so easy...sendiri do = mati =X no idea of how 2 do a|so...sum of the question giv it cha dou a|so...sound & see so hard..den when teacher do, yuan |ai easy de =X (tiz mean rea||ii poor in add-mathz...no hope jor...FAILED- =X)

tmr get kesihatan (PJK) de paper...sure fai|ed again =X wat 2 do, n0ob in sport, is |ike tat de |o..HaHa- fai|ed so many subject...rea||ii going 2 die jor...|ast year (form 4) a|so no fai|ed so many =X jz fai|ed add-mathz on|ii...but now add-mathz got improve but fai|ed many..Ha|z- FORM 4 & 5, SO HARD- GOING DIE- STUDY STUDY STUDY- STRESS STRESS STRESS- y shou|d |ife going on |ike tat de =X so wu |iao, a|wayz do the same thingz everiidayz & a|wayz exam...CHI SIN DE- AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH-

s|eepy- HaHa- ^^ but when |ie on bed, den can't s|eep..Ha|z- mii become crazy jor |a =P


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