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2day mii go tuition at 11.30am...tiz tuition mii miss |iao 5 week de...so jz know change jor subject but dunno time a|so change...time change to 9.30am-1.30pm...mii reach there at 11.15, thought got time & mii go pay fee...den katrina & kakak ask mii wat u doing here?? den mii say tuition |o & pay fee...den the kakak say "tuition?? tuition at 9.30" den mii |ike stunned & b|ur b|ur =.=l| den mii pay the fee & ask 4 time tabe...so swt, no 1 te|| mii time changed =X mii |ate jor & |ike b|ur b|ur went in the c|ass...|uckiy, the teacher not there coz at down asking the student...so mii jz in c|ass & do sum exercise given (physics)...say dgn bangga, tat i 1 question a|so dunno do XD den my frenz sit at behind & mii sms JiaEn y din te|| mii the time..den at the same time she sms mii with sum answer...HaHa- so can say got do |a..not pass up p|ain paper XD

after tuition waiting 4 mummy...she |ike so bz & ask mii wait her (mii aready |ate come down, sti|| nid wait =.=l) den j teman mii wait o...HaHa- den chat chat |a...ask him wan my mum fetch mou, coz he a|so stay near my house...den he say no nid, coz he wan go cut hair..den ok |o...after mummy come, mii went in the car...den j sms mii & say "0range, thank fo ofer. ^^ bt me gt sm0ke de, scare ur mum dun |ike.. Gaga" =.=l| jz now he a|so no smoke...my mum how know o?? =.=l ben de...WaKaKaKa- but anywayz, thx ^^ 4 teman XD

at nitez hving dinner with g.mum, mummy, auntiie & a of them | a...2 ce|ebratez mother'z day...tiz is my parent, auntiie & unc|e treat us & g.mum de...HaHa- tiz make mii missed woe =X mii |ong time no go ro war jor =X missed so many time =X

thought 2day go tuition de..when after mii prepare a||, bath & eat...& mii a|ready at the car...den suddeny JiaEn ca|| & say no tuition, coz teacher cance| jor...mii |ike swt, mii prepare a|| jor..den mii ca|| 2 gonggong & te|| him...HaHa- den he same with mii & JiaEn, prepare jor de XD den mii giv daddy sco|d a whi|e |o...coz suddeny no tuition...he say waste his time 4 waiting & fetch mii...1 ca|| come, den no tuition...waste his time & he can't do his work =X but a|so better den j de...i think he go 2 tuition there on||ii know no tuition...HaHa- kesian =P

at nitez...go eat bubur..HaHa- here got a restorant ca||ed mother'z bubur(dunno spe|| in engish)...tiz is mii, my bro, my sis & daddy treat mummy eat de...coz mother'z day..HaHa-


norma| day |a...go schoo =X 2day at |unch time, mii |ike dunno y suddeny angry & sco|ded pp|...carmen & WaiTeng scared...coz mii suddeny angry...not mii wan suddeny angry de |o...mii wanna do add-mathz mah (continue de) at canteen, coz can't stay at c|ass...the tabe quite bit bit dirty a...den mii go buy tissue...den come back, so many pp| sit at ourz tab|e & make my add-mathz paper..den sudden|y angry mai sco|d |o =X soii 2 Carmen & WaiTeng (not scoding u 2, mii scoding the guyz =X )

quite a specia| day...coz mii done 15 question of add-mathz 2day...the done the most 2 day...mii din do so many add-mathz question in 1 day b4...HaHa- do ti| question 15...16-18 mii dunno, |azy do a|so..HaHa- so jz end in no.15 XD (verii geng jor o...norma|y, mii din do add-mathz de, so hard XD )

a bad newz....we can't ce|ebratez teacher'z day =X the headmaster (women, dunno how 2 spe||) say tat we nid 2 focus on study, so no ce|ebratez teacher'z day =X no gamez, no performane & no ear|y finish schoo|...norma|y, teacher'z day mii ce|ebratez ti| 12pm, den finish schoo| de..now no ce|ebratez...so |ike norma| 3pm finish schoo| =X the headmaster so baddd...my c|ass teacher say many of the teacher a|ready p|anned wanna 2 p|ay gamez & how ce|ebratez...den now 1 word [No ce|ebratez], den a gone =X


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