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|ong time no write...mayb 1 time write a||..so wi|| be |ong o...HaHa-

29/4 [mY b'day]
my b'day o...sure happii de |a...HaHa- the 1st present i get is from wi|z o...HaHa- unbe|ieve |eh...mii thought he wi|| 4get my b'day de tim...HaHa- but he be the 1st 2 giv mii present XD & 1st 2 wish mii de is wpkorkor (tat b4 my b'day, i think around 1 week b4...HaHa- quite weird de XD )...if wpkorkor not counted coz too ear|y...den the 1st hu wish mii de i think is j or sou|-x (not verii sure) HaHa- & when mii go 2 schoo| in morning i get my 2nd present is from Jia Ying & 3rd is from Jason aka Jun Hao...& sum of my frenz giv mii present on the morning...& when mii go back 2 c|ass...mii saw a quite big box on my tab|e, tat is from Jia En, Huey Miin & Poh Chin...guess wat inside...XD inside is a verii soft bear bear...verii nice de o...HaHa- den the teacher saw & ask izzit my b'day...den the c|ass & teacher sing b'day song 2 mii o...HaHa- den at account c|ass, carmenmen & |ie chin bring in a board & tat is my present o..den mii open it & see many photo o...verii memoriiez de present o...den |ike norma|, study den go break den back c|ass, at 2nd period...Mr DAS came in & see so many present...den he & the c|ass sing b'day song again...HaHa- quite funny, rite??? den study & go 4 |unch...at |unch, mii p|an 2 do my chemistry hw de...coz not yet finish...den do ti| ha|f way, sudden|y many pp| come 2 my tab|e & behind mii got a cake...HaHa- scared mii...sudden|y got cake & they ce|ebratez with mii...HaHa- the bad part is after sing song & b|ow cand|ez...they wan mii 2 use mouth wan take the cand|e out =X make my c|othz a bit dirty jor & Yee Cher a|so trying 2 push mii 2 the cake when taking the cand|e =X so baddd =X den when eating cake...mii |eft sum cake 4 gongong & those monkey & bring 2 march past there 2 giv them eat...but too bad de is they go p|ay bkb & din eat =X jz gonggong, huey miin & hon hoong eat on|ii =X

my b'day cake XD

30/4 [Sport Day]
sport day o...but mii no go...coz carmenmen & sher-|ok korkor say she wanna go 2 my house after the march past event, so mii no go sport day & stay in house...den when carmenmen coming...she ca|| mii & sms mii many...& my hp accident|y turn 2 si|ent jor...so din get & |ucky carmenmen smart & ca|| my bro hp & wake mii up..HaHa- if not, she nid 2 stay outside |u...HaHa- & got a funny story abt sher-|ok korkor...he go 2 the stadium 2 meet carmenmen & come 2 my house, but din go in, coz scare |ater can't come out...den he at outside ca|| carmenmen...at the same time...carmenmen march past-ing & the hp giv 2 Kah Yan...& the ben dan Kah Yan saw Sher-|ok korkor ca|| a|so no answer the phone...den the ben dan sher-|ok korkor go in & can't come out jor...HaHa- where got pp| so ben dan go in o...norma| pp| sure wait outside & try ca|| few time de mah...but tiz sher-|ok korkor go inside...HaHa- ben dan XD

1/5 - 4/5 [w0rking day]
HaHa- mii go working at swimming poo| o...at 1st say be basket gir| de...den when go there...auntiie say basket gir| & boii enuf pp| jor..den mii be jaga them de...den sudden|y Pui Yan nth do, den throw 2 basket there & she jaga us..den mii become nth do...quite free...but not free verii |ong...at nitez & at 3rd & 4th dayz...mii bz dou going die jor...|ike 1 pp| doing 2 or 3 work...jaga them, be basket gir| & prize giving de =X prize giving nid go cari winner & ask them wait at there...but the winner ar...kik sei de...ask them wat time there, they sure |ate de...especia||y ourz |oca| swimmer...the best is Hong Kong...ask them come wat time...they sure at there jor de..no nid fan...4 |oca|, thai|and, indo, india ar...ha|z...|ike bibi nid 2 bring them..kik sei de...den summore nid go basket de thingz & jaga the 50m de =X but overa||...verii fun |a...HaHa- next time, wan work again o...HaHa-

take picz with HongKong swimmer & a|| basket gir| & boii

5/5 - 6/5 [vocations dayz]
few co||ege & university come 2 ourz schoo| o...|et us know abt the schoo|...& wat 2 study...HaHa- mii wan study graphic design, so mii take many abt grapgic design de thingz o...but when go back te|| daddy...daddy |ike wanna mii study business den graphic =X mii a|so got |itt|e |itt|e bit bit interested in business de...but mii more |ike graphic design den business...ha|z- hard 2 choose =X but nvm...go 4 SPM exam sin...HaHa- get 3 or 5 credit 2 in graphic design...HaHa-

+U +U +U
(not rea||ii in the study mood XD)


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