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4/7 [Inter-class gamez-last year]

2day is inter-class gamez for form5...mii got take part in badminton(double) & table tennis(single) but verii bad...2 also lose jor...HaHa-

of coz lo...dunno pay table tennis de go play tabe tennis, summore play 4 single...funny, rite?? XD HaHa- no choice lo, no girlz wanna play =X

mii like badminton match...quite nice, no stress de, jz like friendly match...coz play with 5K...if pay with 5S..i think it will like the table tennis, so stress & like cannot make fun de...not enjoy also =X but badminton, nice...although lose liao...but we enjoyed playing...HaHa- lose 4 around less den 10 point, dunno 6 or 7...HaHa- but last year de more fun...coz more happii(played with the same pp)...HaHa- quite sad also bcoz we lose liao, so JiaEn can't take part in mixed double =X soii-

after lunch, hving the final match 4 table tennis & badminton...i watched [table-tennis] Carmen & Chai Kar (5K) match with PohChin & CheeSum (5M-ourz class)...so nice & excited...mii dunno wanna cheer 4 which class...coz 1 is my class & 1 is my frenz...HaHa- mii jz keep quiet & watch XD den after the table tennis, we rush 2 auditorium 2 watch [badminton] lie chin (5K) match with shir-li (5S)...we all(5M & 5K) cheer 4 lie chin & watch a verii excited match...5S losed 1 point to 5K(lie chin)...HaHa- when lie chin won..we so happii...HaHa-
-Result 4 Inter-Cass Gamez-
Basketball (boiiz) - 5M
Badminton (over all) - 5K
Table Tennis (over all) - 5M
ourz class(5M) won in bkb(boiiz) & table-tennis...not bad o...Haha-
so sleepy day =X wake up early, coz wanna go tuition =X reallii feel lazy la...but mii so guai, sure go tuition de...HaHa- after tuition...mii went shopping at Mid-Valley with my parent & bro...so long din go MV liao...quite miss it o...HaHa- actually mii miss the comic in MV...wanna see the comic out liao onot...HaHa- XD but too sad...can't find it, den mii think not yet out...but when mii saw other book(tat i bought) wrote there ep61 out jor..but mii can't find it =X so bad...haiiz-
din go school 4 amost 5day (+ sat & sun)...when went 2 school...like verii long din go school & meet frenz..HaHa- 2day mii get my result 4 the mid-term exam...quite gd aso o...especially my moral...the highest in class...mii so happii, coz din get highest in cass b4 since primary school XD & my BM also, paper 2 mii get 93/130...2nd highest in class(if not wrong)...din get so high b4 in my BM also XD so happii when get tiz 2 paper...HaHa- when WaiLoon say tat mii get the highest in moral & get A1 in moral, mii dun believe him & say dun lie la...but when mii get the paper, mii reallii get the highest XD & WaiLoon say mii own him a meal coz dun believe wat he say...HaHa- super happii & can't believe it la 4 my resut XD
2day get a the result also passed except add-mathz(din passed b4 de)...so happii XD
Bahasa Meayu - 65% (3B)
Mathematics - 59% (5C) [1 more mark get 4B(60%) =X]
Add-Mathz - 29% (9G) [failed - the highest in form4 & form5 XD]
Chemistry - 44% (8E) [1 more mark get 7D (45%) =X]
Pendidikan Mora - 84% (1A)
after lunch, we have inter-class gamez 4 Basketball (girlz)...5S vs 5M/K...5M & 5K combine coz 5K onii got 3 girlz...HaHa- we quite enjoyed the gamez de (at 2nd round) HaHa-
at 1st round...we play like dunno how...1st round result, dunno how many point with 0 point...we r the 0 point team =X so cham...get 0 in 1st round...but at 2nd round, we not bad o XD we manage 2 catch up til get 16 point in 2nd round...we played we in 2nd round, but too bad, no time 4 us 2 catch back the point..HaHa- we losed them almost half the point...30 - 16...5S get 30 & 5M(we) get 16...HaHa- nice gamez ^^V

form5 also ourz record in history coz din argue in tiz year XD every year aso argue de when hving inter-class gamez, especially bkb(girlz)...HaHa- =D
-Resut 4 Inter-Cass Gamez-
Basketball (girlz) - 5S
2day we chang new book in reading class...now we study "The Bride Price" in reading...coz 1 year got 2 book..we hv read the 1st 1..now is the 2nd 1...HaHa- when read 1 page in class...the story ok de..& the english also not verii hard 4 mii...coz my english verii bad o =X
"The Bride Price" also is my 1st book tat i had read...coz din read tiz kind of book(thick book) b4...mii alwayz also read comicz de...HaHa- the story quite nice de..but mii dun like is, it'z ending...not verii gd de ending...the girl die in peaceful way at the end =X mii prefer the girl din die & the live happiiy...HaHa- XD
wa- wat a bad day 4 mii =X 2day reallii unlucky la...get bad result, knew sumthingz & bitbit argue with wpkorkor =X
at school...mii get the result 4 Physic & Account...2 aso failed =X so sad but physic nid 2 more mark den pass...the teacher giv mii 2 more markz & et mii pass =X
Physic - 40% (8E) [actually failed de, get 38%]
Account - 26% (9G) [the owest mark in account since form4 tat i had get =X]
2day finally knew sumthingz =X quite sad de thingz make mii so moodiie(+ the bad result) =X haiiz- make mii fee ike mii reaii verii stupid =X haiiz- suan la =X
at nitez, after tuition, 10 sumthingz go eat dinner...den around 11pm back home...when back, mii do hw & found wpkorkor pm mii in msn...den mii reply...wpkorkor ask mii 2 make a picz 4 him (wpkorkor'z meimei picz)...mii repy him "mii will do, when mii free coz now doing hw" den he send mii the meimei picz..den mii accept & he asked mii know how 2 arrange..den mii say know..coz there got no. jor de...den mii send the picz back 2 him 1 by 1 (arranged picz)...den he keep saying mii arrange wrong..den when mii type the no.(arranged) in msn..he say mii rite..but when send, he say wrong & jz get 1 picz..din get all =X den he dulan jor =X tat time mii aso verii moodiie(jz now de 2 thingz) & stress...den mii also like dulan jor...den we like argue & wpkorkor say no nid mii do the picz jor & asked mii delete a the picz tat he sent =X haiiz-
"solii wpkorkor =X reallii moodiie & stress...den onlii make til u dulan =X"
haiiz- jz like y'day...moodiie continue in morning til afternoon...dunno y...i thought sleep jor, wake up...den nth de...but dunno y still feel moodiie de =X after afternoon...den feel better jor..not verii moodiie...ok jor (finally) =X
after school...mii & carmen wan go learn driving de...but when on the way going 2 LM(waiting place)...the korkor suddenly send msg 2 mii & said cancel...den we din go learn & jz go LM...we go secret recipe eat & wait kelvin 2 come coz KahWai & Carmen verii hungry...when Kelvin came..we teman carmen buy comic...den go play gamez in arcade...watch kelvin dance...HaHa- quite pro o XD den we played 1 gamez...den watch KahWai shoot ball...when a guy (quite leng zai de) saw KahWai shoot ball...den he also shoot (after KahWai finished)...he quite pro o...get higher point den KahWai...HaHa- XD
after playing...we(mii, Carmen, Kevin, KahWai) take taxi went 2 Yurek 2 eat de...but the restorant din open =X den we walk back 2 LM...planned wanna take taxi back LM while we walk back 2 LM de...got 1 taxi..but we missed it =X den we reallii walked back 2 LM & walk 2 Tea House (ta cha house)...it took us around 30min 2 walk til Tea House...HaHa- 4 of us like stupid stupid de...HaHa- den we meet ShiLin at Tea House...den we go eat & chat there...but when mii finished my foodz...they all holding hp & sms or playing gamez =X leave mii alone can't sms & play gamez (coz hp no battery jor) =X den around 9pm, Carmen'z cousin came join us...he so funny & talk so many crapz & make all ppl laugh...but sumtimez also got chat useful thingz de...HaHa- & he say ShiLin verii leng zai...HaHa- chat chat til 9 sumthingz, den carmen & her cousin back...den we sit there 4 while & take picz..den back LM (my dad waiting at LM)...HaHa- so happii XD & kelvin belanja us drink & belanja Carmen foodz...HaHa-

"THX ^^ Kelvin"

Mii ` Kelvin ` ShiLin

KahWai ` Mii ` Kelvin ` ShiLin

wa- kelvin act cute wo...HaHa- =D

2day not verii gd mood...suddenly kena shoot...sumtimez aso kena shoot de..but tiz time mii quite angry...shoot bcoz other ppl...

"CHI SIN de...sendiri mau sit a side jealous & ham chou...& make mood not gd...den when mii ask u thingz, den shoot mii...SEI SOH LOU" /pif /e1

2day school got speech...can say is inter-class speech competition...the speech is after the lunch & still not in the mood..so jz feel verii sienz abt the speech...haiiz- 1 class got 2 student giving speech...clement (ourz class) get 1st & 2 of the 5S student get 2nd & 3rd...clement not bad de...jz look too emotiona gua...

after the speech...we hv the inter-cass futsal match...ourz class had won the gamez...HaHa- match between 5K & 5M quite nice...quite sienz de is match between 5M & 5S...HaHa- match between 5K & 5S also quite ok de...HaHa- the funny is when start, ZhiChong(5K) past the ball 2 Kung Zhet(5K) in the goal there...den KungZhet miss the ball & the ball in the goal =.=" den 2nd also...KungZhet aso miss the ball when 5S kick in =.=" KungZhet like dunno jaga de...HaHa- but tiz year de goal keeper quite gd o...XhengFei, ShiLin & OnnTian...quite pro in jaga goal...HaHa-


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