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tmr is canteen day...so 2day all planned 2 go out play & most of the form5 (my frenz) r over nitez at LieChin & YapYeong house, but verii, mii can't over nitez coz daddy dun let...so sad =X so jz went out & play til 10pm onlii...can't go join them in pavilion yam cha & can't over night =X when eating dinner at Ampang hear where they go after tiz, do wat after tiz, play wat & play til when...sound so fun...haiiz- but nvm ba, can out til 10pm also quite gd liao + got ppl fetch mii go & fetch mii back...HaHa- reallii wan thx KahWai coz fetch mii go & fetch mii back...bcoz fetch mii back, make them wait my dad & late 2 pavilion & they hv 2 rush =X sollii- anywayz, thx kw althought kw drive quite dangerous & funny...HaHa- we will 4giv u de...coz u 1st time mah, summore drive at nitez...HaHa-

THX ^^ KahWai-

can't go play & over nitez already sad sad de...when back home, still nid help bro make flower(lolip0p) 2 his "love 1"(but din love him & treat him gd b4...kesian)...he last min say wan make the lolip0p & ask mii help him...& he cn't get all the material, jz get sum lolip0p onlii...make mii wan sacrifice my "love stick" flower & sum of my thingz 2 make his "lolip0p flower" =X tiz not enuf...mii still do all the thingz like put lolip0p, make like flower, ikat it & etc T___T


2day mii & my dad "play"(dunno call wat)...he say tmr, canteen day sure will get flower or sumthingz like flower de...coz every year (except 1 year) also get...so my dad say tmr will get...den mii say tmr sure won't get & mii verii sure of it...so mii say if din get, daddy nid belanja mii eat chicken chop...if get, den mii belanja daddy eat chicken chop...HaHa- so tmr, mii sure got chicken chop 2 eat liao...HaHa- XD yummy- yummy- ^^V


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