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T___T tiz few dayz feel verii stress & suddenly m0odiie, den suddenly ok back...so weird weird de =X


2day mii passed my QDI (1 of the drving test)...so happiie la...when taking it, so scare & dunno fail or pass & mii so sux when on the road...like stunned, but the uncle quite gd, remind mii do all the thingz & teach mii bit bit...HaHa- so mii passed XD


2day mii finally know sumthingz, tat my frenz had making mii think abt it on few dayz, coz she dun wan tell mii the true...but 2day she tell mii...she say tat many ppl say mii alwayz act cute & act ben (act wat also dunno)...reallii sad, tat giving ppl gossip abt mii acting cute & acting ben...sumtimez, mii reallii dunno wat their talking & jz ask 2 know, like tat also let them gossip abt mii acting cute & ben...wth-!!! reallii dun understand them...so like 2 gossip...now even my verii best & gd frenz also feeling tat wat they say r rite...mii ART CUTE...if girlz or ppl tat hate mii gossip mii abt it, i think i can accept...but now saying mii de is boiiz & sum ppl tat mii can't imagine tat they will say tat abt mii...ppl tat played, talked with mii also gosiip behind mii...wth r going on??? izzit u all nth 2 talk abt?? mii nvm been gossip b4...but now, wat happen??? i thought form5 should be the yearz tat happiiness & joyful year coz it was last year...y now being like tat, all gossip abt each other & so many prob in tiz year???
after saying mii act cute, now saying mii "fa hao"...reallii feeling like wanna pok them...is u all (my frenz) dun wan talk & let mii join sum convesation & say tiz secret, tat secret, mii can't know, mii can't listen & dun wan choii mii de...den mii jz find ppl 2 talk with mii & choii mii de (boiiz)...& bcoz sumtimez u all din choii mii, sum guyz lai choii mii...& mii jz talk & play with them, den u all say mii fa hao...wth-!!! is u all din choii mii & mii talk with guyz, den u all say tat...reallii feel verii disappoint...feel verii fui jor...reallii feel like wan 5 5 finish SPM & get away from tiz school T___T

mii reallii acting cute meh??? mii reallii acting ben meh??? mii reallii flirting(dunno spell rite onot) meh??? if u all feel YES...den mii nth 2 say abt it...mii dunno wat u all say & mii ask coz wanna know = act ben...no ppl (girlz) choii mii, & guyz choii mii = flirt...my action & dunno thingz = act cute...reallii GOOD-!!! so proud of u all & proud of mii tat mii do de thingz can make u all feel like tat...now i will try my best 2 jz keep quiet when mii dunno wat u all say & anythingz....jz go school study, eat, listen & back home...won't ask anythingz & talk anythingz...& mii jz stand, sit & walk...won't smile, angry or make any action or emotion...HAPPII???


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