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8 Jan 2009 '
wrote on 4:49 PM``
ear|y of the day, mean midnitez (coz 12 is = 8/1)...mii chat with kwan in rro ti| around 2am or 3am...i'm thinking 2 s|eep ear|y tiz dayz...but fai|ed a|so...HaHa- a|wayz ear|y off, but at bed can't s|eep =X
mii so excited with a new comic tat mii din read & hear b4 tat mii bought when shopping a|one coz frenz had went back...it sound so interesting...den when mii start 2 read, den on||ii know tat is a |ove story comic =.=l| mii norma||y not verii |ike it coz din read b4..den a|wayz say my sis tat keep rent a|| those |ove comic...can't she read sum nice comic...but now myse|f buy it & read it XD tat comic quite nice...make mii |ike in |ove with sum |ove story comic...HaHa- mii spent the who|e midnitez 2 read the who|e comic...after finish read, tat was 5 sumthingz morning...

den mii jz fee| sumthingz tat keep on my heart & mind quite |ong & verii confuse abt it...den fina||y mii wrote it down in a paper...when writing down, rea||ii dun |ike the fee|ing...HaHa- after tat...mii went 2 bed...but sti|| can't s|eep =X wondering mii din s|eep the who|e nitez...y now sti|| can't s|eep...den many thingz came in 2 my mind...den s|ow|y mii fa|| as|eep & wake up at 12 sumthingz [din s|eep we|| =X]

in the morning...as usua| mii on my comp...den mii nth do & go rro...den kwan on9 & we chat chat...say ti| tat mii dun |ike my sis coz many thingz...den kwan when 2 s|eep...den mii opened manga page & see any nice manga 2 read...coz it verii sienz...den mii found 1...quite nice...HaHa- tat make mii wanna buy tat comic & keep XD but dunno where 2 buy it =X mii din see tat comic b4 a|so =X
at the evening...my bro, sis & mummy back home..& mii go eat my foodz & sudden|y think morning de thingz...did mii rea||ii so hate my sis?? mii so hate her...y sumthingz so gd & p|ay with her?? =.=l| sound so weird =X
mii does enjoy hving pi||ow ta|k with my bro & sis coz on|ii my bro & sis wi|| hear mii & they dunno my frenz..so mii can ta|k wateve 2 them...HaHa- other reason a|so mii dunno wna find hu ta|k abt it XD hving pi||ow ta|k |ike tat can show we din hate each other...den y mii sound so hate my sis?? =.= mii rea||ii hving prob |a =.=l|


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