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so||ii T___T '
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so||ii heng, kwan, sou|...mii messed up urz chance 2 win the event...rea||ii so||ii...u a|| shou|dn't depend on stupid pp| |ike mii...if not, heng shou|d hv win the 1st prize...so||ii...u p|anned & used so much 2 win the prize & mii messed up with my b|ur-ness & stupid-ness...so||ii

mii rea||ii dunno how 2 4giv myse|f, coz after the event, mii on|iii rea|ise tat mii had sum of the item, & we dun hv 2 hunt so bad|y 4 it...& how stupid r mii coz din check in the chat & say a|| in pub|ic chat tat a|most make kwan into troub|e...so||ii..rea||ii so||ii T_T

here the story...
at 1st mii p|anned 2 join if they r not joining..den after tat mii saw them on9...so mii off...after tat mii verii 8 & wanna know wat the item needed...den whne mii know...the item quite easy 2 get & mii hv sum of them...so mii join the event with heng (kwan asked)...den mii verii |uan coz most of the item is in my other char(s.nov)...so mii keep change 2 tat char & see the item 1 by 1...den heng & sou| a|so dea| mii 2 giv mii the item...mii |ike verii |uan coz nid fast...den sum item |ess...den mii te|| heng & heng hunted it...den at 1st tat mii din see proper|y the storage tat mii got enuf of 1 item...so heng no nid hunt but my mistake make heng hunted it & wasted the time...den when heng hunting...1st prize a|ready giving 2 sum1 tat found a|| the item..den when mii finish hunted & wanna get the 2nd...den mii see wrong & |ess 1 item..den mii cance| the dea| & te|| heng, den heng hunt it...tiz make mii |ost the 2nd prize...den mii get the 3rd prize...den when mii dea|ing, mii on|ii know tat mii actua||y hv enuf item when at the 1st dea| 2 get 2nd prize (coz after dea|, mii got extra tat item)...so mii |ose & make heng a|so |ose =X he hunted so hard & used so many thingz 2 hunt & |et mii win...

den the 2nd event...mii a|most accident|y make the GM into troub|e [secret, wanna know, den ask mii]

at the end (after the hide & seek)...heng say "|ose 2 |oki"...den mii on|ii know tat heng rea||ii wanna 2 win in both event...but mii make him |ose in both event...rea||ii so||ii 4 tat =( rea||ii my mistake tat make u |ose 2 |oki...so||ii- so||ii- so||ii- T___T
mii so ben dan & so use|ess...bitbit thingz a|so can messed up |iao tat...jz a bitbit thingz can make myse|f so |uan & make other a|so |ose T___T


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