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va|entinez day '
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va|entinez day (14/2)

Happiie Va|entinez Day-!!!
i know a|ready verii |ate 2 say happiie va|entinez day, coz a|ready over so |ong ago (now 25/2)...HaHa- but va|entinez day not yet over o...coz sti|| hv white va|entinez day on 14/3...HaHa- it is same |ike other event...|ike CNY (1st day - 15th day), xmas (dunno when ti| 25/12 XD)...sumthingz |ike tat...so va|entinez day can say not yet over de...HaHa- coz sti|| got white va|entinez =P b4 tat (dunno which year)...mii hear radio (dunno which FM XD) say white va|entinez is the day tat giving ans...|ike u confessed on va|entinez day...den white va|entinez day is get ur ans from ur |ove 1...dunno...mii jz hear tat...HaHa- actua||y white va|entinez is 4 wat de mii a|so not so sure...HaHa-

tiz year de va|entinez day is the most sienz va|entinez day tat i had =.=l| coz b4 tat mii got schoo|...so everii year de va|entinez day go schoo| p|ay, study & chit chat de..den b4 va|entinez day, schoo| a|so se||ing sumthingz 4 va|entinez de...can buy 4 frenz & get from frenz...den got the va|entinez mood a|so...HaHa- but tiz year so cham...keep stay at home...jz hear my bro keep preparing present & ta|k abt va|entinez =.=l| VERII SIENZ LA...keep fan mii he|p him in his present de =X mii a|ready so sienz de mood...sti|| ask mii he|p...|ike cari pasa| saja...HaHa- but at the end...mii jz say the |etter & advise...den he sendiri write den |et mii see...HaHa- after read his |etter...mii fee| sooooo ..... (duno say XD) HaHa- den on friday(13/2) my bro giv the present 2 his |ove 1...den my bro say his frenz to|d him wat the gir| say (coz his fren same c|ass with her)...she say "y the box |ook so empty?" & "y the bearbear got price de, WaiHung(my bro) 1st time giv present?" =.=l| mii rea||ii swt sei jor...HaHa- kesian my bro...den mii keep make fun with tat...keep make my bro nth say XD *so evi|* HaHa-

den on 14/2...ear|y the day (mean midnitez 12am)...ming wished mii in msn (the 1st 1)...den singsing ca||ed mii & wished mii a|so (2nd 1)...HaHa- den got sum sms wish mii a|so...HaHa- den hor...mii msn-ing with kwan de...kwan a|so no wish mii de...HE SO BADDDDD =P the best is singsing jor...HaHa- ca|| mii & wish XD
den mii quite ear|y s|eep (12am sumthingz)...den wake up a|so quite ear|y =X bcoz wake up so ear|y...so, sienz sei mii =X wake up ear|y = |onger time 2 pass =.=l| mii so sienz in home...sis go gaigai jor...den bro keep dota =.=l| den parent dunno go where jor or s|eeping (4got jor)...HaHa- mii sienz who|e day...but a|so not super bad de...at |east got sms bitbit with singsing & msn with kwan...HaHa- mii wake up msn kwan...he baru wan go s|eep =.=l| he rea||ii geng...pp| wake up...he s|eep...den mii sienz ti| around 5 sumthingz, kwan wake up...den msn...HaHa- so around morning ti| 5 sumthingz so sienz...jz get sum wishing sms =.=l| nth chat a|so...HaHa- so, mii rea||ii sienz sei...but a|so ok de...at nitez mii sti|| got go pasar ma|am coz my unc|e fetch XD but mii |ike eat |ess den norma| day =.=l| y pasar ma|am |ike nth eat de =.=l| den afetr pasar ma|am..we go eat supper...when supper (i think is in supper time)...mii sms with kay...den kay ask mii go check my emai|...den when mii back...mii check...den he got send mii a va|entinez card...b4 tat, at msn around 4 sumthingz pm (14/2)...he a|so wished mii jor de...


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