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2day quite bz =X ear|y wake (6am) fo||ow mummy go fetch bro & sis go schoo|...den go her working p|ace there wait coz wanna go take |etter from Saito Co||ege 4 the NS de...den mii stand cashiie there see see, p|ay p|ay & chat chat with auntiie...HaHa- den go co||ege get |etter & wait 4 the |etter...quite ma fan =.=l| den go NS de office take the borang 4 de|ay NS...den they giv mii the NS notice...coz everii NS notice a|so got a|| the borang inside...so we take home...den go dunno wat p|ace do sumthingz (dunno how say)...den go g.mum house |u XD 2day hor, mii |ike bibi 4 hourz eat 1 time =.=l| bibi 4 hourz drink mi|k 1 time...mii 4 hourz eat 1 time =.=l| morning around 8 go eat breakfast with auntiiez & parent...den 12pm (after NS thingz), mummy bring mii go eat prawn mee...den after the p|ace around 4...my bro buy mixed rice, make mii |ike wanna eat...den mummy put mii at g.mum house eat...so, it is |ike 4 hourz eat 1 time =.=l| but after g.mum house eat..den no eat |e...so, at nitez quite hungry =X

SPM resu|t [12/3]

2day same...ear|y wake up =X 2day, quite hungry =X coz y'day nitez verii ear|y eat & hungry =X so at morning mii eat curry mee XD tat curry mee not spicy de...so, quite nice 2 eat (mii can't eat verii spicy)...HaHa- den at mummy there wait |ike y'day...but 2day super duper hyper verii sienz...coz not auntiie be cashiie...so, can't stand there see see, p|ay p|ay & chat chat =X den sienz ti| around 10am...mii thought SPM resu|t shou|d be out de...but when mummy fetch mii reach schoo|...den on|ii know not yet out =.=l| den we go back mummy working p|ace coz |ater go again see see XD den mii s|ept inside the office...after s|ept 1 hourz, the boss come...mii cannot s|eep |e...coz boss nid use the tab|e =X den mii nth do & sit at store room...coz auntiie at store room arranging the toy carz...HaHa- summore there got a chair can sit XD den when 12pm, mummy bring mii 2 schoo| again...den mii saw many pp| taken their resu|t...mii go take my resu|t...tat teacher so bad...dun wan giv resu|t 1st, giv mii a|| those project de gred =.=l| den on|ii giv SPM resu|t...summore cover the gred & ask mii the name rite onot =.=l| den on|ii giv mii see...den stunned 4 whi|e see see...quite bad resu|t =X

Bahasa Me|ayu - 5C
Bahasa Inggeris - 4B
Pegetahuan Mora| - 5C
Sejarah - 7D
Mathematics - 2A
Pendidikan Seni Visua| - 2A [extra subject]
Additiona| Mathematics - 7D
Prinsip Perakaunan - 5C
Physics - 7D
Chemistry - 7D

after the resu|t...we a|| went out 2 TS de neway coz 2day is the day we meet after the schoo|...norma||y any event in schoo|, we wi|| go out after schoo| de...HaHa- so 2day go TS'z neway...at neway quite sienz =X norma||y sumtimez no sing, jz |isten song a|so won't so sienz...2day rea||ii verii sienz...LieChin & MingSang keep sing eng|ish song...they sing quite |ow voice...so |ike sienz sienz de...den other a|so got sing chinese de...|isten song, quite ok de...but overa|| sienz sienz a|so...when going 2 end, mii go out wa|k wa|k at TS coz sienz XD den JiaEn ca|| mii coz KahWai wanna back |e (KahWai fetch us XD)...so mii go back neway pay the money & go o|d town (be|ow neway)...den go back home |e...mii, JiaEn, ShiLin, Kelvin, KahWai & his gf in 1 car XD den at car we say 2day quite sienz sienz...den dunno hu say dunno izzit no carmen...coz norma||y carmen a|so wi|| sing song & he|p us if we dunno how sing...den she wi|| make the situation better de & ask hu no sing de sing...now in neway so sienz coz sing in |ow voice except YapYeong, YiauWei, KahYan(3 a|so sing |ess coz not fee|ing we||) & YEECHER (the most noisy fe||ow...keep shout & sing in diff voice with |oud =.=l|)...ha|z, quite miss carmen...& carmen, ur resu|t quite gd...dun worry & scare =D
& 1 more...yuan |ai KahWai de gf sing quite we|| a|so de wo...HaHa- voice quite nice XD den she ta|k in eng|ish de =.=l| (dunno tim)


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