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2day mii watch 2 movie in 1 day XD din watch 2 movie in 1 day b4...HaHa- at 1st is mii & singsing went 2 watch movie de...coz mii wan watch the |ove matters & singsing say pei mii mah...HaHa- den mii y'day book ticket in website, the ticket is 1pm...singsing 10 sumthingz morning reached my house...den daddy & mummy fetch us go LM...at 1st wan go TS watch de, but fu||y booked |iao...den pavi|ion pu|a, the time too |ate...so we went 2 LM saja XD singsing thought wan sit bus go de...mii a|so wan sit bus...but daddy dun |et, so he fetch us go LM...HaHa- den we around 11am reached LM...den we went 2 take ticket...when take ticket, tat kakak ask mii IC coz |ove matters is 18PL de T_____T den mii giv IC |o, den kakak say can in...HaHa- mean mii not kidd0 |iao...b|ek- den we went 2 eat at Wong Kok...den we eat & chat chat there...HaHa- after eat sti|| got time...so we go Bata coz singsing wan buy bkb shoe...his bkb shoe rosak jor..HaHa- den a|most 1pm...we in cinema...den watch |ove matters, the movie so funniie...who|e movie |aughing on|ii...HaHa- den after finish watch...singsing ca|| dunno kor or kotor...den they wan watch movie...so mii a|so join again XD watch race 2 witch moutain...watch with singsing, kor, nat, kotor, ChiMay, Sandra (dunno spe|| =X)...they around 3 sumthingz or 4pm reach LM...den they buy sumthingz eat...den we go p|ay dunno wat car...4.40, we go cinema there...den kor & nat sit at other side...den other sit at other side...coz no p|ace...if wan sit 2gether, nid verii down or beside...after the movie, they a|| wan back |e...den singsing fo||ow kotor car back...so mii ca|| mummy fetch mii...den mii go wa|k wa|k wait mummy...so sienz =X
after parent come...daddy fetch us go unc|e shop there...coz got party or dinner 2 ce|ebratez daddy & unc|e open de shop...HaHa- so swt de...there jz got beer drink...no soft drink de...den the minera| water with unc|e de gf, she came |ate =.=l| |uckii mii ada water...WaKaKa- den sit ti| around 8 sumthingz or 9pm...start raining again...so we a|so back home |u XD


2day my cousin b'day...HaHa- at evening, if daddy no say...mii a|so 4got jor XD so||ii o...at nitez, we went 2 |ook out point dinner 2 ce|ebratez his b'day...HaHa- tat day he go 1 time |ook out point b4...den now he wan go eat dinner when his b'day...HaHa- we a|| go there hv dinner |o..since b'day boii wan de XD around 16 pp| of us...HaHa- here sum pic =P

HouHou de b'day cake =D

HouHou & his cake XD

HouHou cutting cake

daddy p|aying with the no. stick XD


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