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why mii b|ogging?? '
wrote on 5:50 PM``
mii in carmen b|og saw tat carmen asking us try 2 write y we r b|ogging...since carmen asked...den mii jz try write ba...quite |ong ago de thingz coz my b|og a|ready a|most 1 year (start at 16/3/2008 ti| now), not verii sure y mii write b|og a|so...HaHa- so mii read back a|| my post & try 2 know y mii b|ogging...HaHa- den mii find out sumthingz, tat yuan |ai my BM improve so much jor...HaHa- |ast time de BM exam de markz not so gd...den getting better jor...HaHa- den yuan |ai |ast time mii quite emo wo...4got jor tim XD & when mii reading, mii find out sum post got write sumthingz tat not verii detai|..but mii 4got wat |ai |iao =.=l| can't rmb it =X & mii 4got de thingz, after mii read the b|og, den mii rmb back...HaHa- quite gd 2 write b|og...can remind sumthingz tat mayb 4got jor...HaHa- memorriiez is |ife...

kk...after sum crab up there...mii start y mii start b|ogging...HaHa-
y mii start b|ogging ar?? if not wrong, tat time mii nth do & see sum pp| b|og...den try 2 create 1 & write sumthingz...den i think tat time not verii in gd mood...so jz make a b|og & write in |o...as my best fren, carmen know mii a|wayz won't te|| any1 tat my prob & my thingz...HaHa- mii dunno y jz |ike verii hard 2 te|| u a||...so the best thingz is write b|og...hu wanna know, jz go read it in my b|og...HaHa- & mii a|so prefer typing den ta|king...mayb my ta|king jz too n0ob gua...HaHa- on August 2008..mii a|ready stop my b|ogging (dunno y)...den when mii see carmen writing b|og, make mii rmb abt my b|og...so mii start 2 write my memoriiez...HaHa- & hor, i think most of the pp| start 2 write b|og is when they in sad mood & jz wanna write/say a|| out, so jz create a b|og & write it a|| in the b|og...but a|so sum is jz 4 their memoriiez & sum is 2 hv fun writing b|og...HaHa- the memorriiez 1, mii dunno can say hu de..minez de? oh ya, i know hu de is memoriiez 1...wi|z & nat'z b|og is memoriiez abt their |ove...HaHa- & 2 hv fun de is |ike the ta|kc0ckcafe (create by Harry & seii kor aka Sher-|ok)..HaHa- their b|og rea||ii many use|ess thingz & fu|| of c0ck de...but verii funniie de...HaHa- they create sum verii funniie story XD & sum sad b|og is |ike carmenmen & miinmiin gua...1st cammenmen b|og is 2 write sum sad & anger abt KahYan & write wat she fee|...den become 2 memorriiez 1 when she write the part tat she enjoy after SPM...but too sad de is her b|og become the sadness part again...after she go NZ, keep hear her sad thingz de =X but a|so got happiie thingz tat is when she write her va|entinez day, a shop & a restaurant (mayb |eave out sum gua =X)...most of it a|so quite sad sad de...den miinz de is abt her sum sad fee|ing & prob...

Carmenmen ar...dun so sad sad |a...wat is done a|ready done & the fact tat u at NZ |e...so jz dun |ive with sadness & try 2 think positive 1...everii1 wi|| |one|y when in the new p|ace...but wi|| used 2 it when time goes...u a|so say new |ife mah...i think new |ife shou|d be happiie de...everii1 start a new |ife with happiines & not sadness de...so try 2 thik positive & be more happiie...dun sad abt thingz tat had been done...be happiie tat wat had been done...u shou|d think tat ur |ife can get more new thingz & |earn more...so be happiie with it...& i know ta|k is a|wayz easiier den do...i can't know 100% ur fee|ing coz mii not in NZ |ike u but jz sum advise & wanna see u happiie |ike |ast time (i think a|| a|so hope tat)...+u +u +u =)


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