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g0 TS with my bro & his frenz =.=l| '
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so sienz, nth do...den sudden|y hear bro say wan go TS with his frenz...mii str8 ask when, where, wat...HaHa- when = time, where = TS, wat = p|ay wat =D

den on tat day(4got date jor =X), mii went 2 TS with my bro by mummy car...we reached there ear|iier coz mummy not verii free...den bro ca||ed his frenz...u know wat they said?? 1 said no transpot, 1 said wait his other fren, 1 said waiting tuition time (coz he ponteng tuition time)...mii |ike OMG- they din said proper|y the time de...summore 1 thingz more funniie...1 of his frenz name ZhaoJun (i think) asked a gir| (his fren tat we dunno de) bought movie ticket...the movie is 12pm...den he said he wi|| come watch haf of the movie coz he wi|| be here by around 12 sumthingz...mii |ike OMG again...the movie start 12 & he wan come at 12 sumthingz coz wait his fren (ponteng tuition de)...den he asked my bro go find the gir| & get the ticket so we can go in 1st...u know wat he do? jz giv the hp no. & ask us ca|| =.=l| mii |ike going 2 kik sei..coz we dunno the gir|, den sudden|y ca|| her =.=l| den we asked him how the gir| |ook |ike, wearing wat co|our c|othz, at where...a|| his ans = dunno =.=l| den we wait...den sudden|y the gir| ca||ed my bro...HaHa- scared my bro...den she asked us go TS de main door take the ticket...after we take the ticket...we went in cinema & saw her inside (sit same ro|| with us)...mii |ike swt jor..y she dun wan ask us go cinema take the ticket..she wa|ked so far..den wa|ked back...mii & bro same too...HaHa- |uckii the movie started not |ong...sti|| can watch...HaHa-
den my bro' frenz reached TS'z cinema..ask my bro giv them ticket...HaHa- den after the movie, we a|| went 2 gason|ine eat...jz chat chat & eat...HaHa- den sudden|y my bro fren (no transpot de) said can come & said he wi|| be there around 4 or 5...den my bro dun wan mummy fetch (coz if mummy fetch, den 3 sumthingz nid back)...den my bro said we back by bus =.=l| den he ca|| mummy & said his fren'z parent fetch (LIE)...den we(mii, my bro & 1 of his fren) went 2 S&J see see coz 2day went out de point is 2 buy present 4 they a|| de fren de b'day pt...HaHa- den the other fren, Yoong (not rea||ii know his name XD) came & he choosed a dog dog...den mii choosed a box 4 the dogdog...den we go paid, so the present is DONE...but 1 prob out...hu wi||ing 2 take the present home(coz the box big)?? 1 sit LRT, we sit bus, 1 not going back home, 1 ponteng tuition (can't take) =.=l| they rea||ii ma fan de...but at the end, my bro take a|so...HaHa- coz mii hugging the dogdog XD my bro take the box & mii take the dogdog...fai|, rite?? HaHa- =P den we went 2 p|ay bow|ing...HaHa- of coz not mii p|ay |a...is they p|ay..HaHa- my bro so geng, 1 & 2nd (dunno 3rd izzit) a|| in(mean the thingz a|| drop down XD)...HaHa- but din win a|so XD den in 2nd round, my bro |ose 9 9...HaHa- after the bow|ing, a|| back |u...HaHa- back ti| LM, den daddy come fetch XD

mii wan go co||ege |iao...nitez or tmr post again..sti|| got 4 or 5 more...HaHa-
so||ii carmen, bitbit bz & |azii, so, |ate post =X u dun quit b|ogging |o...


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