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orientation in co||ege (3 dayz) '
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2day mii start co||ege |u...b4 tiz not yet start co||ege, mii fee| sienz sienz de & wan start co||ege faster coz a|wayz at home verii sienz...den when start co||ege, mii fee| |ike dun wan stat co||ege & wan at home...HaHa- mayb coz |azii |azii jor XD

2day 9am nid reach co||ege...so, mii around 5 sumthingz wake up =X so |ong din wake up so ear|y |iao...HaHa- den |ike norma|, bath, brush teeth & etc etc...HaHa- den fo||ow daddy mummy fetch bro & sis go schoo|...den mii, daddy & mummy go eat breakfast with 2 auntiie, unc|e(worker) & cousin...HaHa- den at mummy there wa|k wa|k, chat chat, see see...den around 8 sumthingz...daddy & mummy bring mii go co||ege..den mii go in the |ibrary (everii new student is there)...mii a|most |ate...|uckii they not yet start...HaHa- den mii saw CHEE SUM...HaHa- den mii go sign...den sit beside CheeSum...HaHa- den got 1 gir|(cindy) came (quite |ate but teacher not yet start...so, nth)...the gir| wearing short pant, den hair |ong|ong de quite hot gir|...HaHa- she came in...a|| keep see her...HaHa- den mii & CheeSum ta|k ta|k & |isten wat they say...jz sum wu |iao thingz |ike dressing de (can't wear short skirt & pant), study de (wat course), ru|ez (hand book) & b|a b|a b|a...HaHa- den we had sum gamez (not rea||ii a game...jz |ike question & ans)...quite okok de...coz got 1 or 2 student made fun...HaHa- after the gamez...when p|aying game, cindy & king & 1 more guy went ponteng pu|a =.=l| den 1 teacher saw them outside there...den ask them back...HaHa- den another teacher din notice they went out b4..HaHa- den we went back 2 sit & |isten bitbit thingz...den back |u...HaHa- bitbit wu |iao de XD

2nd day (1/4)
|ike norma|...went 2 co||ege...2day we go 4 our own course...so, mii went 2 graphic design room...& guess wat...the gir|(cindy) & king is in GD...HaHa- she is wi|d wi|d type de...go c|ubbin a|| those de...HaHa- Jackson(teacher) intro sum teacher in GD de...den ask us intro ourse|ves & he giving sum of the student nick name...HaHa- coz 4 him 2 easy rmb & 4 us a|so XD |ike got boss, pok, CY, shah & etc etc...HaHa- den he ta|k ta|k & make sum fun...quite nice de...HaHa- den we see sum examp|e of sum student work...OMG- so nice & creative =X got 1 work, Jackson say the student used 1 day 2 make it...coz the student go sg competition, den when back...the next day is the dead|ine 2 pass up the work..den the student make it in 1 day...tat work quite nice a|so...HaHa- den after tat...we had a break...mii, CheeSum & Mecine (dunno spe||, he with CheeSum de...in Interior Design) hv drink at down there...den when 3pm, we go up the |ibrary & |isten the ta|k...so wu |iao de ta|k..dunno wat he saying (no pay attetion) XD mii jz |isten bitbit |ike 1 year u use how much 4 study, a|| the wu |iao thingz...so sienz...sum pp| went back b4 he started...if know so wu |iao...mii go back a|so |o =X den they hv |oan de ta|k...den mii went back |u...HaHa-

3rd day (4/4)
2day we hv sum gamez organize by sum senior from counse|ing (dunno spe|| XD)...b4 tiz they ask us bring extra shirt...i think mayb p|ay water gua...so, nid extra shirt...at 1st, we p|ay water...the 1st person wi|| take the water & the cup put on head (hand ho|ding it)...den nid 2 pour the water into other cup tat on the next pp| de head (mean head pour 2 head & face back 2 back, can't see proper|y the cup) =.=l| make hair & back wet wet de =X den the |ast 1 pour the water into a bott|e...which team got the most water, den win...HaHa- ourz team |ose jor =X after p|ay water, next, guess p|ay wat??? p|ay powder...OMG- after u p|ay water, u p|ay powder...so wai when powder mixed with water =X but no choice, p|ay it a|so =X guess how they p|ay...hand put behind...use mouth b|ow the powder away from the bow|, den take the sweet out...OMG- when my turn...mii keep b|ow the powder...the powder no move de...mayb they press it..make it bitbit hard, hard 2 b|ow =X den got 2 guy he|p mii b|ow 1 time (dunno hu coz face a|| is powder...HaHa-)...den mii tak care |iao..keep can't b|ow away the powder & can't take the sweet....den mii jz use hand take the sweet out & use mouth take it...HaHa- no nid keep b|owing..DONE =P den a|| face white white jor =X sum pp| de face move geng den mii...HaHa- den we go wash face & hand after the game over...den we go 2 the next p|ace...dunno where |ai de (the p|ace bigger)...near co||ege...den p|ay water ba|| there =.=l| tiz time not hair wet wet...is shoe wet wet =X den they senior so bad...prepare 1 or 2 tong of water wan pour 2 us =X but |uckii not when ourz team p|ay...HaHa- if not, rea||ii wet a|| |iao...after the game...they sti|| got 1 tong water...OMG- den when we |isten 2 the guy ta|k sumthingz...they wan pour...|uckii we a|| run...HaHa- den 1 of the student hide a water ba||...so he throw 2 the senior...HaHa- wet wet jor |u...HaHa- after a|| the water finish...den we sit a side & intro ourse|ves...HaHa- den finish |u...go back co||ege change c|othz...den back =D


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