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27/4 (not sure)

2day ShiLin ask us go LM coz got sumthingz do...he said 1.30 (not verii sure, 4got jor XD)...so mii reached there around tat time...den mii ca||ed him & he asked mii 2 ca|| Ke|vin, coz he not yet reach & wi|| be |ate...so, mii ca||ed Ke|vin out coz his house is most near...HaHa- den mii & Ke|vin go pak tor...WaKaKaKa- no |a, jz jk....we go WongKok there drink sumthingz whi|e waiting them...mii quite hungry tat time, but Ke|vin say wait them come on|ii order foodz foodz, coz he say they a|| sure not yet eat de...so, mii jz drink sumthingz sin |o...HaHa- den ShiLin came...HE IS LATE...he 2.30 on|ii came...|ate jor 1 hour...wan pok him jor...den we chat chat & p|ay ShiLin de |aptop...HaHa- we see facebook & Ke|vin open his dunno wat war de game...dunno wat he p|aying a|so...jz open & wait & see =.=l| den we ca|| them tat not yet come de...den KahWai FFK, he say not free...den JiaEn waiting her sister 2 fetch...HonHoong with JiaEn sister (coz same co||ege)...YapYeong not yet come...
den we asked JiaEn wan go Tea Cafe onot...coz WongKok many pp|...we can't do our thingz...HaHa- coz so pai seh XD den mii, Ke|vin, ShiLin wa|ked 2 Tea Cafe near LM...den we a|| p|ay ShiLin de |aptop & wait them...den YapYeong & YiauWei came...den fo||owed by JiaEn & HonHoong...HaHa- den we jz drink, chat chat & eat bitbit...den we moved 2 other tab|e & take picz & video...but video fai|ed...HaHa- den YapYeong sudden|y say p|ay a game...the game quite funniie de...HaHa- 1st u p|ay cardz |ike norma|, den the pp| say start...u nid 2 keep repeat the |ast few sec do de thingz...HaHa- hard 2 exp|ain here XD

Carmenmen, when u back...we p|ay...HaHa- funniie de XD

den at nitez, we went 2 eat near Ke|vin working p|ace...den sudden|y rain so heavy =X & heavy wind...make us bitbit wetwet coz the wind b|owed bitbit rain water 2 us =X den we sit there jz chatchat bitbit...den YapYeong drived his car near there...den we went in the car...YapYeong fetch mii back LM coz wait daddy at LM XD den he fetched other back...HaHa-
den home sweet home |u =D


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