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gaigai & watch concert XD '
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2day mii out with kay...HaHa- we went 2 watch 'star trek'...the movie not bad o...quite nice...but when mii watch...mii bitbit b|urb|ur...HaHa- mayb my eng bad gua...too chi dun 2 catch up XD after movie, kay to|d mii, den mii on|ii understand the who|e story...HaHa-
after movie, we went 2 eat coz mii morning ti| after movie (4 sumthingz?? 4got jor XD) not yet eat...HaHa- mii eat mee...quite many de...but mii 1 pp| finish it...HaHa- den kay jz drink ice |emon tea coz he nid back home eat dinner...HaHa-

|uckii mii got eat food food coz after eat, my parent come fetch mii...we went 2 watch concert...HaHa- if no eat, den mii hungry seii |u...HaHa-
mii watch the dunno wat music |ive concert...tat magmun & myFM de...dunno how mummy get the ticket...HaHa- got around 10 ticket...we 8 pp| go...got extra 2 tim...the extra 2 ticket gave 2 a woman jor...coz she ask got extra ticket onot...HaHa- she come here without ticket & ask 4 ticket?? weird weird de @@ den she super duper hyper |uckii tat mummy got 2 extra...HaHa- after gave the ticket & in the ha||...mummy on|ii say y dun wan ca|| my fren (kay...coz mii jz now out with him) & my sis fren (1 guy a|wayz sit mummy car de)...HaHa- 2 cousin (Ryan & HouHou) go infront watch jor...mii no fo||ow coz not yet start, dun hv the mood XD den mii stay with parent, bro, sis & 1 cousin...den when start jor..quite fun...but too bad is no fo||ow Ryan & HouHou coz in front wi|| be more high...HaHa- mii there, jz mii high on|ii...& daddy jz bitbit high (jz p|ay)...HaHa- den mii high high ti| end |o(not verii high tat type...HaHa-)...at the end, jz take sum pic XD

here the picz..not c|ear de...HaHa-

tiz is the end of the concert XD

finish singing & ta|king...HaHa-

tiz 1 ar? mii a|so 4got when takeXD but mii know is in the end a|so de XD when they sing 1 by 1...mii no take...HaHa-


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