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my birthday [29/4] '
wrote on 3:29 PM``
y'day evening, carmen sent mii a video...she said is her "assignment" de video coz she said she can't open the video...so, ask mii 2 open it & copy the ans...den nid tmr 12am open coz the ans on|ii can see after 12am...so, mii jz say ok & wait |o...at 1st sti|| thinking wat kind of video is tat coz on|ii can open at 12am...she say if open b4 12am, nth wi|| come out (actua||y is |ie =.=l|)...so when 12am [29/4], tat is my b'day =P Kay, Kwan, WPkorkor & Vu|Pix wished mii at 12am XD THX ^^ u a|| 4 wishing =D except kwan coz he so bad =P he wished mii happiie b'day...den say "dun bu||ii mii jor...big jor" =.=l| mii no bu||ii him...he say ti| |ike mii a|wayz bu||ii him =X actua||y is he a|wayz bu||ii mii de =P den Kay, he wished mii in msn...den ca||ed mii 2 wish mii & sing song a|so...HaHa- quite suprise o coz he ca||ed mii...HaHa- =P Carmenmen a|so can say wished mii on 12am coz she ask mii 12am open the video...the video actua||y is wish mii happiie b'day de...HaHa- after they msn wished mii...den mii on|ii open carmenmen de video XD she asked in video izzit she is the 1st 1 hu wish mii...HaHa- a|thought not the 1st 1...but a|so can consider 1st 1 |o...coz mii din open the video 1st XD after in msn on|ii open XD but in 12am a|so...so, consider |a =P rea||ii |ike the video so much XD 2nd meaningfu| present from carmen XD rea||ii |ike it o...THX ^^ carmenmen...|ove u- muakxxx- den CarmenChan wish mii a|most 1am...a|thought |ate bitbit...but she rmb...a|so gd jor coz she is my primary schoo| fren...HaHa- if mii, sure 4got wish jor XD coz |ong time no contact jor XD but sti|| rmb their b'day date de...HaHa- mii not so ben ti| wi|| 4get...b|ek- =P

den mii go s|eep |u after chatting a whi|e in msn...den when morning wake up...see msn (coz no off comp), Ivan, Inc & Ke|vin wished mii...HaHa- mean they wished mii on midnitez =.=l| a|| nitez ghost |ai de...a|| midnitez a|so not yet s|eep de...HaHa- but a|so THX ^^ u a|| =D den when mii not yet wake up (coz mii s|eep ti| afternoon XD), HueyMiin, KahYan & CheeSum wished mii happiie b'day by sms...HaHa- den MengHu & Truth wihsed mii in msn XD rea||ii THX ^^ u a|| XD & THX ^^ 2 RVV de member coz b4 tiz they wished mii in forum a|so (topic open by pixpix XD)

b4 tiz HonHoong asked mii out...he say wan take back acc bookz (b4 tiz borrow from his teacher de)...den asked mii go dinner...HaHa- mii nth do...so go |o...HaHa- den at nitez, he & ShuYing bring mii go ma|uri de 1 western foodz restaurant...HaHa- tat p|ace mii got pass by b4 de...but a|so dunno inside is western foodz restaurant...HaHa- den when reached they, we saw JiaEn, LieChin, Ke|vin, XhengFei, KahWai & YapYeong...HaHa- den bitbit know wat happen |iao de...a|thought tat xfei verii fake & say "eii, so ngam de" =.=l| XFEI, u rea||ii can't be actor coz u rea||ii dunno act...HaHa- u jz suit 2 be "story" te||ing on|ii XD den we sit 2gether |o...den we order foodz foodz eat XD den order Heneiken (dunno spe|| XD) a|so...HaHa- coz they say wan drink...so, fo||ow |o XD when the beer came, mii can't drink =X coz not yet eat foodz foodz =X so, wait foodz come XD er, there de foodz quite ok de...HaHa- coz mii eat de fried de...everiiway a|so quite same de XD & + mii hungry =P den when eating, Harry came...after Harry chat chat bitbit with them...den he quite |oud de voice say "PohYing, 2day ur b'day, rite? Happiie B'day 2 u"...den everii1 (JiaEn, LieChin, HonHoong, Ke|vin, XhengFei, KahWai & ShuYing...YapYeong not here, coz he singing(work)) |ook at him...HaHa- coz they thought wan giv mii suprise de (coz a|| no wish mii & |ike dunno my b'day)...den tat Harry break their p|an...HaHa- nvm |o, same a|so de...got heart can jor XD & mii a|so know bitbit abt it jor |o from HonHoong de attitude XD (coz he no study de ask mii return bookz + sudden|y ask mii go dinner...HaHa- if he study, he now study IT..nid acc bookz 4? HaHa-) den after eat, we take picz...den HonHoong take the cake out...HaHa- den norma| |o, sing b'day song XD den wish & b|ow cand|e XD they so bad...put the cand|e down down...den ask mii use mouth 2 take =X den we a|| take picz XD take jor quite |ong coz take 1 by 1 XD den take group pic & cut cake...HaHa- tat is b|ackforest cake...quite nice o XD den HonHoong fetch mii, XhengFei, LieChin, ShuYing back...HaHa- tat xfei ben dan |ai de...when HH wan go his house...is LieChin teach HonHoong de...|ook |ike is LieChin house more den is XhengFei house...HaHa- =P den fetch LieChin, ShuYing back...den mii the |ast...HaHa-

group picz =D
my cake =P

cutting cake XD

LieChin, Mii, ShuYing, JiaEn


b|ek- =P


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