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2day hving presentation 4 my basic drawing subject...tat is the 1st exam 4 Graphic Design but not 1st presetation XD coz b4 tiz mii present a project b4 XD a|thought the project fai|ed XD 2day a|| of us hv 2 present their work(so|o) to 2 |ecturer & a|so the project (who|e group 2gether)...1st is presentation abt the project...quite happiie & sad sad a|so XD coz the |ecturer say tat the T-shirt idea(from ChunYong) not bad & quite gd (in Winfred c|ass, he say the idea bad =X)...but abt my idea on meta| de bad =X coz mii din think deep on the weekness part...HaHa- use meta| 2 make furniturez & not use wood coz wan save the treez...but mii bendan din think abt when u use meta|...it wi|| make po||ution =.=l| & 1 more is the cost (Winfred say in c|ass de)...HaHa- nvm |a...1st project, is |ike tat de |a...HaHa-
after the presentation abt project de...mii wait my turn 2 present my work...HaHa- wait not |ong...coz minez is G =P b4 my turn, mii sti|| ok de...sti|| p|ay & ta|k around |ike nth & not nervous XD den when Jo|yvn turn, mii bitbit scare & nervous jor XD (coz after Jo|yvn is mii)...den mii go in & dunno wan do wat |iao...den A|ex (1 of the |ecturer) ask mii the exam s|ip (nid giv them sign de)...den mii on|ii rmb XD den giv they signed...den they ask start...mii dunno wan do wat ti| 4got intro my se|f a|so XD but they no ask (mayb coz know my name jor, coz the project de presentation)...den mii jz te|| them the drawing draw at where...den they ask questionz...|uckii know ans XD got 1 question mii dunno ans den mii tembak...den rite haf XD coz she ask "wat is tiz drawing ca||?" den mii ans "|ife drawing?" den she say "|ife object"...HaHa- ngam haf |a XD when showing the drawing & ans questionz...they say work not bad & continue...HaHa- jz bitbit comment XD |uckii sum cincai work...they dunno is cincai work =P

here the picz of my work tat show 2 the 2 |ecturer =P

tiz is draw on c|ass de [|ife object]

tiz is draw on 1st c|ass de (after teach by Winfred) =D

tiz is draw at home...see the paper giv by Winfred draw XD

er...4got the name how 2 spe|| =D draw at home de =P

same..dunno ca|| wat jor...draw at home a|so de XD

tiz a|so same...tiz 1 draw haf at c|ass, haf at home...HaHa-

wa- verii nice, rite?? dun mistaken...right side is Winfred draw...|eft side is mii draw (fo||ow him...he ask de =P)...HaHa-

tiz 1 is ca||ed semi-done drawing...coz no nid shade a||...jz shade sum part on|ii...so, not so dark =P

tmr(can say 2day, coz after 12am jor XD) hv teory exam a|so =X Winfred got te|| bitbit & giv ans jor...but scare mii 4got =X den summore spe||ing wrong = wrong =X MY SPELLING SO CHAAAAAAAAAAA- =X


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