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hate my daddy |a...HE CHI SIN DE...

jz now mii jz wake up (wake up at 6 sumthingz nitez)...so, mii asked my daddy got other internet wire onot...coz my |aptop de internet wire got prob, can't connect since mii back from co||ege on afternoon...den mii dunno wat happen 2 him...he |ike bad mood or wat...he say no rosak |a is |oose..den he checked no |oose & wire rosak...den mii say is rosak, mii checked |iao...den he start 2 scod |iao...say rosak rosak |a...wat can't i do? not mii open wire shop a|so...how got wire? mii jz asking u got other wire onot mah...no say u must giv mii the wire...HE CHI SIN DE...den sti|| say not yet scod mii...on comp, on |aptop, at room se|f p|ay...sis & bro at |iving room...den say mii inside on air-con...keep at inside room p|ay...
WTH- afternoon so hot & mii wan s|eep, sure on air-con |a...mii not a|wayz on a|so...jz 2day mii on...y u dun sco|d bro & sis on air-con at nitez in |iving room? nitez hot ar?? is moon hot? te|| mii, if yes & the comp, say mii a|wayz on |aptop & comp...mii where got a|wayz on? when comp no rosak, mii jz on |aptop at nitez & sumtimez afternoon...den now comp rosak, mii onii keep on |aptop...& the comp, hu u think make it rosak de?? ur |itt|e "GUAI ZAI" |a...se|f comp rosak...come touch my comp...den now rosak jor..said ti| |ike mii make rosak...he touch my comp mii a|so not yet sco|d him 9 9 + he d| ti| make my comp kena virus...u sti|| dunno wat ur "GUAI ZAI" d|...come sco|d mii pu|a...he now no comp p|ay onii guaiguai sit & watch tv...verii guai meh? got comp p|ay, see where is him?? & ask him wat he had d| ti| rosak my comp |a...sco|d without know the fact & wat happening...ask u got internet wire onot on|ii, den kena sco|d ti| |ike mii open a|| comp & mii se|f make rosak...se|f mood not gd, go hide in room s|eep |a...dun come out fire everii1 without knowing anythingz...ISH-

ISH- WTH- write tiz post ti| 4got mii bo|iing water 2 cook maggiie mee...ti| no water & pot hangus jor =.=l|


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