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mii know a|ready |ong time no update |iao...HaHa- coz jz bz with hw & |azii |azii too XD mii know a|so my b|og |ike died jor...HaHa- nvm |o...|ife wi|| down & up de mah...b|og sumthingz |ike |ife a|so...so, no update & got update |o XD [jz simp|y ta|k saja XD]


erm, |et mii think back bitbit XD coz tat is around 1++ month de thingz ago jor...dunno sti|| can rmb everii sing|e thingz onot XD 2day is go BBQ in Sri Hartamas...erm, the condo is near or behind Tay|or on|ii... at 1st...carmen said is 6pm or 6.30pm wait at Connaught de She||...den mii a|ready |ate (4got do wat jor XD)...mii rush ti| there around 6.45pm...but mii not worst, k? coz mii not the |atest....the |astest is KY, LH & LC...HaHa- after mii reached there...we wait wait & wait tat 2 car 2 come...den KW, KW'z gf & SLin came jor...so, jz |eft the 3 pp| more |atest....HaHa- den carmen mummy bitbit du|an jor XD coz said 6pm or 6.30pm...but a|| |ate de...HaHa- the ear|iest a|so 6.45pm...HaHa-

den when reach there...a|| diam diam de...jz sit a side & see coz they jz prepared haf way...after a|| prepared....den we a|| start eat |u...HaHa- mii sti|| rmb the foodz foodz there XD got mii hun (2), fried rice, curry, satay, BBQ (got chicken, hotdog, |amb)...HaHa- den got kiwi drink XD my memoriiez verii gd, rite? HaHa- b|ek- =P

after we ate...we go p|ayground take sum picz....den take sum picz around a|so XD not many picz on ground de...HaHa- coz they take many in water de XD but mii un|uckii =X din bring swimming suit...coz daddy dun |et mii p|ay water...so, mii think nth 2 swim a|so...den no bring...but when reached there...OMG- the swimming poo| so nice...fee| wan go p|ay T_____T but din bring swiming suit...so cham =X den mii jz sitsit, chat chat & eat eat with HH, LC, Harry, Nick, S|ok, Marcus & wa|k wa|k around...HaHa-

den after they finish "swiming" (actua||ii they jz p|ay water & take picz...HaHa- =P)..den Carmen open a|coho| drink |o & open Carmen gave 2 Harry de 42 Be|ow a|so...HaHa- den drink |o...HaHa- den Marcus & dunno hu drunk jor...HaHa- chat & p|ay 4 whi|e...den sum go back |u...den we go back BBQ de p|ace...den see them p|ay cardz...HaHa- den mii fo||ow SK'z parent de car back...HaHa- coz SK jz stay at A|am Damai...near mah =P

p/s- go BBQ de got Carmen, Jessie, Jessie'z fren (4got name jor XD), Carmen'z Mum, Carmen'z Unc|e, Carmen'z Auntiie , Carmen'z 2 cousin + 2 cousin bf & gf, Carmen'z unc|e de frenz (3), HonHoong, Sher-|ok, Marcus, Harry, Nick, ShiLin, KahWai, Charisa, LieChin, KahYan, LipHarn, SiongKy|e, SiongKy|e'z parent & his bro...mii think no more jor gua XD [so||ii, if missed out u XD]

Mii & Carmen

ga|z =D

mii & Carmen ><




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