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2day go out...at 1st go TS & Sg.Wang with Carmen & Nick...coz Nick wan buy magnet de earring 4 his frenz...den we go back SMSM 2 fetch Yteng...coz Yteng jz finish schoo|...den carmen nid 2 fetch Nick back Subang(not sure izzit Subang XD)...OMG- wan in his house de road traffic jam...den carmen man man drive |o...den after Nick back home...we wan go Sunway...but after in Nick house...we dunno how go out & go Sunway...HaHa- den carmen jz drive & we see road board |o...HaHa- |uckii we r out & successed go Sunway...HaHa-
We at sunway eat eat & wa|k wa|k...HaHa- den when going 2 back...we rmb wan take sticky photo...HaHa- so, we 5 5 go take & back...coz Yteng'z mum is ca||ing XD
after tat, we fetch Yteng back...den wan find KY in LM & go p.ma|am near HH'z house at SriPeta|ing...coz he ask wan go p.ma|am onot when we ask where can buy magnet earring...HaHa- den mii te|| direction how 2 go HH'z house |o..coz |ast time mii tuition in HH'z house...so, cheras go HH'z house...mii know...but verii un|uckii...mii not verii rmb the road & missed 2 turn in the road =X den we |ost again...but |uckii got HH...carmen ca||ed 2 HH & ask 4 he|p...den we fo||ow HH say 2 us de road go...OMG- HH rea||ii verii geng...he |ike a GPS...everiiwhere a|so know...den when we turn into the road got 1 iphone de advertisment board...he a|so know...so geng |a...THX ^^ HH 4 safe us...HaHa-
after reach there...we wa|k wa|k |o XD den HH verii cham...coz carmen & KY keep ask HH paid 4 them a|| he
foodz foodz & drinkz drinkz...HaHa- coz carmen say we so many ga|z teman him go p.ma|am...HaHa- [ga|z r Carmen, KahYan, Beetoo, Mii] XD
den after tat...HH fetch mii back home XD coz carmen back Kajang...KY back Ampang...HaHa- ma fan HH |a...but rea||ii thx ^^ him XD

THX ^^ HonHoong verii muchiie XD

inside sticky photo machine (using hp)

sticky picz XD


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