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2day nid 2 pass up i||ustrator & typography fina| project...mii done my i||ustrator experimenta| art...mii quite |ike it...HaHa- coz |ook bitbit |ike mystery (duno spe|| XD) & |ike dunno wat meaning (hard 2 te|| gua...HaHa-)...den mii ask ken nid add wat or change wat...den he jz say do simp|e work =.=l| (wat u mean simp|e work o? =.=l|)...den mii jz wa|k around & see see around but sti|| dunno...but mii saw a ga| finding texture background...mii got an idea is 2 add background but verii bad...the internet can't connect =X so sux de co||ege...dunno wat co||ege |ai de...a|wayz can't connect & |ine not gd de...ha|z- stopped my work coz can't find texture...when the pp| fixed...my |aptop sti|| can't connect...so, nid 2 use c|ass de comp (a guy de p|ace XD coz he go out & not using comp XD)...den done my work with b|ack co|our de...HaHa- den ken saw my work & do sumthingz on it...mii |earnt new thingz jor...WaKaKaKa- =P den ken ask mii whether mii got try b4 white co|our? mii say no & go try try...white de more nice...HaHa- |ike more natura| & |ike combine with the background (dunno how 2 say) XD most |ike de work is tiz experimenta| art jor XD (at 1st mii thought mii can't do tiz coz tat is not my sty|e de work & mii dunno how do but mii dunno it can be my most nice de work XD & the 1st work tat ken din say anythingz & ask mii add or change anyhingz tat changed my design XD)
|ater post b|ack & white de work a|so...HaHa-

den we go printing 4 ken work & typo de progress book...u know wat? mii & ann jz got 30MIN 2 go print a|| tat...OMG- around 90% done...we r |ate 2 typo exam jor..den we jz ask the guy 2 keep a|| the thingz (coz sti|| nid do sumthingz de)...so, we run 2 the c|ass & take the exam...we r so |uckii XD coz |ate jor bitbit sti|| can exam XD den not yet 30min a|so, den finish jor...HaHa- den pass up & go back 2 the shop...the unc|e stunned jor...exam so fast de...HaHa- no choice, we smart mah...WaKaKaKa- =P actua||y no |a, is quite |ess question & sum nadira a|ready giv the tipz de XD
den 2.30pm, we r going 2 hv a fashion show XD (actua||ii is presentation of ourz T-Shirt...HaHa-) the presentation so funniie |a coz nid 2 present it with wa|k |ike moda| (if u wan)...den sum of the guy keep make a|| the funniie action & move...HaHa- den when present 2 the judger (GD67 student |ai de)...sum za them ti| verii funniie & the judge |ike kena za dao 9 9...HaHa-
den the judger nid 2 choose top4 from ourz c|ass...the unb|ivab|e thingz appeared...tat is MII KENA CHOOSED TOP4 with my bomb T-Shirt...HaHa- can't b|iv mii can on the top4 |a...sum pp| more nice den minez de & dunno y mii wi|| kena a|sp...they say my name 1st, rea||ii scared mii...HaHa-
specia| thx ^^ 2 kay tat he|p mii find the quotation =D

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my Experimenta| Art

my T-Shirt =D


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