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Winfred '
wrote on 12:46 PM``

2day mii go c|ass, den Winfred came in...den he ask mii, where the project? show him (he mmg think mii is the |dr & contro| de project...mii get a|| the b|ame...nice hor? HaHa- : ))...den mii say the work with king...den he say where him? =.=l| *how mii know o...mii dunno how them a|so...dunno they done the work jor onot =.=l|* den when mii ca||, king no ans, jacky no ans...when jacky ans, he say coming (but mii hear the sound got ref|ect de, |ike in home more den in car =.=l| coz mii go his house b4)...den a|most 1pm, they on|ii came...WTH- c|ass on 12pm |a..not 1pm =.=l|

in c|ass, winfred ta|k with a|| student 1 by 1 (the student tat came)...den when he ta|k 2 mii...he ask how is my work? (HaHa- gd question) mii jz say duno & bad work...den he ask wat happen & y? (how mii know y o? mii se|f a|so wanna know y) den winfred ask his project, den mii dun wan say...so, mii jz say |ong story...den he say he hv many time pu|a... (he so stupid meh? dunno mii dun wan te||? =.=l|) but in the end, mii to|d him jor...abt the 1 week time wat happen & how the project (mii duno)...den he say next time dun team with king & jacky...den mii say won't |e coz mii wan change course |e...2 other co||ege (mayb business or comp)...den ta|k bitbit |o (dun wan write here |e...a|| norma| wordz tat norma| pp| wi|| said when mii say wan/going 2 change course de...|azii write |e : ))

den when we wan go 2 the new bui|ding 2 hear a ta|k (abt how 2 make portfo|io when u go out find job)...they on|ii came & say not yet finish (HaHa- nice 1...not yet finish...gd job)...den they go |isten the ta|k 2gether...after tat, they say go continue co|our the project...den mii, king, jacky go o|d bui|ding co|our it...can say |uckii gua...can finish it...but dunno wat winfred say...we a|| jz |uan |uan co|our (no choice...at the 1st p|ace, they a|ready |uan |uan co|our de sty|e)...so, jz continue |o...den a|most 5pm...we done & put in winfred say de room jor...duno how winfred when saw it & dunno the markz & kena reject onot : )


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