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presentation 4 tiz sem '
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2day hv 2 went 2 schoo| coz presentation a|| my work (1 kind of exam)...HaHa- y'day mii sti|| s|eep around 3am...so geng...HaHa-
2day mii jz went 2 co||ege with forma| |o (presentation mah)...den meet Ann...wa- mii can't imagine tat Ann can be so beautifu| (with make up)...HaHa- din see her make up b4...rea||ii can't recoginize her...HaHa- den we chat chat a whi|e & go up 2 take a|| ourz work & prepare...not much 2 say abt |a...coz presentation, sure is see work |o...HaHa- so, mii post my work up now =P

my project/work =D

ComputerGraphicClass (illustrator) [Mr.Ken]

tiz is my |ogo (design 4 a cafe)
exp|aination- tiz is my |ogo 4 cafe...mii use |ine 2 make the cup shape & put co|our behind it & use water vapour 2 make the tit|e (ta|k carp)
[Mr.Jackson took tiz |ogo]
-1st project-

my sigg bott|e (design 4 sigg competition)
exp|aination- mii create tiz base on natura| (the theme tat it gived)...so, mii create the f|ower & put few butterf|y on it & a|so put diff co|our in a|| the f|ower 2 make it co|ourfu|)
comment- try 2 put the f|ower a|| over coz bott|e not jz 1 side & in the competition ru|ez..it jz can use 6 co|our (by Mr.A|ex)
-2nd project-

my experimenta| art
exp|aination- tiz is experimenta| art...mii use water co|our 2 make the tree shape (use water 2 |et it f|ow down)...den scan 2 comp & |ive trace it & draw butterf|y on it & butterf|y is f|ying away
comment- shou|d put the biggest butterf|y with co|our...so, it |ook more specia| & attractive (by Mr.Jackson)
-fina| project-

TypographyClass [Ms.Nadira]

my typo A-Z [ChatBoxFont]
exp|aination- tiz is base on my handwriting (hardwriting tat mii usua||y wrote tit|e)...den it |ook simp|e & nth coz jz handwriting...so, mii put square on it fo||wed my handwriting
comment- M shou|d write nice|y a|though it is create from hand writing (by Mr.A|ex)
-1st project-

my typo T-shirt (design t-shirt using font)
exp|aination- tiz is my T-Shirt...mii create tiz base on bomb coz the quatation is abt bomb (I Am Bomb Technician, If U See Me Running, TRY TO KEEP UP)...the design is |ike a bomb...a bomb at down there & a|| the wordz is |ike the string, it move to back & the "TRY TO KEEP UP" is |ike exp|osion
[Mr.Jackson took tiz T-Shirt]
-fina| project-


my magazine cover (mii know tiz sux...earth dun seem |ike earth co|our...so||ii carmen =X)
exp|aination- erm, tiz magazine cover is design base on the theme giving by winfred...mii know the earth co|our is not |ook |ike earth but mii jz dunno how 2 co|our it & mii a|ready mixed many time the co|our & mii know the wordz is verii sma||...winfred a|so say the wordz if bigger wi|| be nicer
comment- word shou|d bigger & shou|d use diff co|our (by Mr.A|ex)
-1st project-

[[so||ii...4got 2 take 2nd project pic (group work)]]


tiz is my sash (design 4 prom nitez but din get 2 choosed 2 use in prom nitez...HaHa-)
exp|aination- tiz is my sash...mii use the hat coz norma||ii sum prom nitez...the guyz wi|| wear hat...so, mii jz try 2 use hat 2 make as the sash 4 the boii & the crown is 4 the ga| & the sash behind it...it can open 2 put at side or behind (can adjust)
comment- sash shou|d put front, not behind (by Mr.A|ex)
[the hat 4 boii & the crown is 4 ga|]
-2rd project-

tiz is my grafiti (mii know not seem |ike grafiti...no choice my work is |ike tat...verii hard 2 make it messy & grafiti...HaHa-)
exp|aination- tiz is my grafiti art...mii know it not |ook |ike grafiti...the guy here is my father (based on the theme giving by pou|ine) & the red car tat my father a|wayz drive can make us easii|y recognize my father coz quite |itt|e pp| is using same red car & the sign board is mean tat my father verii care us & a|wayz fetch us 2 schoo| & anywhere...fina||y the photo down there is mean tat our memorize (fami|y)
comment- not |ook |ike grafiti...it |ook |ike .....(1 name, mii 4got jor XD) (by Mr.Jackson)
shou|d make it more messy & make |ike grafiti...jz |uan |uan make (by Mr.A|ex)
-2nd project-



*exp|aination mean how mii present 2 |ecturer (idea/concept)*
*ComputerGraphicDesign & VisualCommunication hving fina| project mean no paper exam 4 the subject*
*Typography tat jz hv 2 project on|ii...so, got paper exam*
*Illustration jz hv 2 project & dun hv any paper exam*

p/s- ok...tiz a|| is my work...can see how sux it is? & it getting sux...tat'z the reason y mii wanna change my course...HaHa- so, any comment? HaHa- *|ame =P*


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