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nitez in college '
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wa- DAM TIRED NOW but not fee| wanna s|eep XD HaHa- coz jz back =D
mii think mii was the on|ii 1 tat after a nitez in co||ege tat sti|| going out...HaHa- XD

as mii said tat mii joined a competition of designing a T-Shirt (materie| at pavi|ion organized it)
erm, ok, mii |ike din say b4 in previous post? @@ nvm..mii say now...it'z same, rite? XD

so, winfred wan us go 2 co||ege at nitez on 7pm(sat)-6am(sun) 2 sketch the idea & deve|op it [NOTICE- WE CAN'T SLEEP ON 7PM-6AM]...so, at 1st, winfred divide us into 3 group of 8pp| per-group...den everii group nid 2 sketch 100 idea out (OMG- 100...CRAZY MEH?)...but at |ast we sti|| managed 2 do it by simp|y sketch a|| idea (think wat draw wat'z theory =D)...den 2nd part was 2 deve|op more on the 100 idea (make the idea better)...2nd part quite nice coz everii in the mood & we hv fun adding, changing into the idea =D but too bad, after 2nd part de break... den 3rd part was saying the concept (1 pp| choose 3 idea approved tat u wan 2 do & think the concept)...we a|| |ike |azii |iao coz the break =X den starting, we jz simp|y say & can't thingz of concept & was tired + s|eepiie =X den s|ow|y s|ow|y mii, SookFan & Ben getting bitbit hyper/sotsot jor of thinking concept & ta|king (coz the who|e part3 was |ike we 3 ta|king on|ii...HaHa-)...den on 5am++, FINALLY WE DONE...but mii not fee| s|eepiie & tired |iao coz the discussion...HaHa- den the end jor..everii1 either can s|eep in the co||ege ti| 12pm or back home =D whi|e mii waiting kay 2 fetch mii, we (sum pp| not yet back & dun wan s|eep) hv sum chat (a|| fai wa...HaHa-)...den sum1 suggested 2 watch movie since we can use everiiway in the co||ege (except 3rd f|oor)...HaHa- [after tiz, mii back jor, dunno they manage 2 watch movie onot, coz when mii back, they |ike hving prob with the |aptop tat got movie XD]

tiz is the timetab|e 4 the nitez =D
7.30pm - Greeting and Briefing
8.00pm - Brainstorming Session 100 (mean 100 idea)
11.00pm - Break
12.00am - Brainstorming Session 200 (bitbit change in tiz session, we not doing 200 idea)
2.00am - Break
3.00am - Execution of Idea
6.00am - Breakfast/Sleep/Back
[wan scan the timetab|e de...but bro off comp jor...mii |azii on back..so, jz write =P]

mii jz got 1 idea tat approved...so, post the 3 sketch |ater (+ my idea) XD

p/s- "went 2 KLIA, by using aerop|ane f|y 2 the ga|axy 2 eat HONEY STAR" =D


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