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2day is rea||ii a fun day XD
1st photography c|ass went 2 thai temple near my co||ege 2 take sum shot in the temp|e…|earnt sum capture photo position & teknik…HaHa- a|though dun hv own DSLR 2 capture wat mii wan & try see wat |ecturer wan & how abt taking pic outside but sti|| ok…had sum try & not bad XD sti|| okok with DSLR =D mii used Canon & Nikon DSLR, mii fee| Canon more nice 2 use XD mayb most of my frenz using Canon..so, mii dun hv the prob 2 adjust Canon XD mii jz hving prob with Nikon..HaHa- used Nikon DSLR 2 capture sum shot but it |ook a bit too bright…den mii try 2 adjust ISO, shutter speed & aperture…but fai|ed 2 adjust…HaHa- more I adjusted, it get more worse XD
I am rea||ii fa||ing in |ove with DSLR ><


p/s- photography c|ass is on Friday & mii heard my fren say many ho|iday in tiz year were on Friday =X

k, done with c|ass…ta|k sum fun thingz (actua||ii not rea||ii fun a|so XD)
after c|ass, we went 2 watch movie in MV…ok, come 2 f|ight in m’sia =D y’day so many pp| so happiie & saying tat they r going 2 watch movie 2gether but end up with ha|f of them FFK =.=l| they abandon us bcoz of y’day go c|ubbin T___T but nvm, they missed the fun XD & |et mii do sum advertising here XD
“ourz c|ass wat p|ane a|so got…wanna go anywhere? Jz find us in Saito Co||ege…we wi|| giv u the best service =D” HaHa- XD

Erm, come back 2 we went 2 watch movie XD we watch SolomonKane…tat was a fighting movie…the movie said abt a man & sum evi| witch kind of thingz…it was a war & action movie…is verii chi kik movie…I dunno y we |aughing in the cinema…HaHa- at 1st, I saw ann |augh…I asked wat happen? Den I saw a|| of them were |aughing…mii |ike swt…but on the 2nd time & so on, they make mii |augh 2gether without reason…HaHa- mii 1st time watch action, fighting, war movie wi|| |augh de…HaHa- we a|| |ike crazy man…HaHa- after movie, we sti|| |aughing…HaHa- XD
& mii everii |ong din watch movie with so many pp| (11 of them mii = 12) XD summore we p|ayed sumthing...we separate the 1 set ticket into pcs by pcs & shuff|e it…den we a|| pick 1 ticket…tat is 2 see where we sitting XD can’t choose ur siting p|ace XD we using random mode XD den bcoz a|| the ticket separated & everii1 taking 1 ticket…we a|| 1 by 1 giv the ticket 2 tat entrance guy…HaHa- the guy |ike a bit not song jor XD but nvm, we hv fun XD

p/s- 2day I bought a coke(S) & I finished b4 the movie start ><>< + mii sit in midd|e =X


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